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Let’s talk about Savanna and her gorgeous family! and I mean GORGEOUS! You know how sometimes it takes a few seconds to get the right pose and then small adjustments here and there, well they were naturals! I definitely have a blast with this family! We laughed a lot and I was really in my zone. I think my face hurt so much from smiling and getting overall that excited during the session.

Savanna Stiles & Family

Yes if you were wondering this is the same baby who was in his momma’s belly back in the January session that I did. Christina and I prepared for a few hours with Bryce, just in case he decided to be a diva or become excessively hung

Smooshy Faces and Tiny Fingers

Hey Guys! So I definitely disappeared for a little over a week. After Christmas my family came to visit, so all social media and blogging came to a halt for a bit. Now that my feet are back on the ground in front of me, I am back to blogging my past sessions! The day […]

Oops I fell behind!

As a child I never understood the importance of family photos and why every year we had to get them done. As an adult behind the lens I realized these will hold memories for years to come.

Christmas Eve in the Sand

was really hopeful the rain was going to pass by the time we had to meet, but it showed zero mercy that Sunday and just kept on coming.

New Family in Town

Fast forward through eating yummy turkey and shopping till I drop, not really I worked my other job on Black Friday, but it sounded good! I met Tracy and her family at the park and we had a blast!

Smiles at Haley Burton Park