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January 12, 2020

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Hey Guys!

So I definitely disappeared for a little over a week. After Christmas my family came to visit, so all social media and blogging came to a halt for a bit. Now that my feet are back on the ground in front of me, I am back to blogging my past sessions! The day my family came to town I managed to squeeze in a session on Carolina Beach with the Bowes family! Now if you live in NC you know the week after Christmas was obnoxiously warm. It made for some great escapes to the beach for photos!

The day of the Bowes family session the sun was out and the sky was a beautiful shade of blue. Of course as weather would have it, right up until the time of the session then the clouds came out! No worries there as the sun still gave us amazing colors to work with. When I met the Bowes family on the beach we were not expecting so many people to be there! There were easily 20+ in the little spot we chose. Families were playing in the sand, kids were playing along the shoreline and some adults just soaking in some year end rays of sunshine. Needless to say it was interesting to capture a pose around the people. Body blocking was my best friend that day.

In the bowes family there were 9 members! Jo and Jim (mom & dad) Nate, Kristy, Claire and Kieran. Kristy being the daughter of Jim and Jo had her gorgeous family with her and her two adorable daughters. Alex and Kristen, Alex being the son of Jim and Jo followed by Amy and her two wagging tailed children. It was definitely a full house, full of laughter and fun. I love when clients bring four legged friends along! At the end of our session we had dolphins pop by to say hello! It was so awesome to see!

Enough blabbering from me! Naturally the gallery is below for you to take a peek!

Talk soon readers!


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