Sunsets & Baby Bumps

January 18, 2020

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Hey Readers!

North Carolina continued to have abnormally high temperatures into the New Year, so naturally I squished in another session! This time it was with one of my best friends and her daughter, Christina & Emory. Christina and I had been trying to set a date for her maternity session and I figured what better time than January in the 70s?! Baby Bryce is expected to make his grand entrance into the world the first few days of March so I knew we had to schedule it soon or risk newborn photos instead!

My family was still in town so naturally I brought my mom along to see how my sessions go and so she can enjoy the beach. I had Christina meet me at Fort Fisher, North Carolina. Yes I love it here if you have not yet already guessed. We could not have asked for a better weather outcome. The sky was pretty cloudy all day, but come time for the session when the sun started to set the sky decided to give us gorgeous blue and pink colors. It was beyond perfect as the colors were pretty close to the outfits Christina and Emory were wearing.

Emory, who is turning four, was so great while I took her moms pictures. My mom and Emory played in the sand while I raced against the sun to capture pre-baby Bryce. When it was Emory’s turn she was all about cheesin for the camera. I would tell her to pose and she would get so excited she would start wiggling about. It was beyond precious.

I won’t be attaching the gallery to this post because the full gallery is up under my gallery!! I could not wait to get these photos to Christina and I wanted to share them with all of you! I’ll attach the link below for you to see!

Talk soon!


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