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Kaitlyn works with couples & families along the eastern side of the U.S. Her couples are energetic and fun loving. Kaitlyn's romantic style and natural compositions force anyone use views her art to slow down and feel what the photos are saying. Kaitlyn see's things others do not, and that is what makes her the best photographer for her clients. 



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The Kaitlyn Rose Experience is rooted in romantic and whimsical images, preserving memories for couples and families romanticizing life around the globe.

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Even after your wedding day is over, your cherished moments will live on. Select from a range of exquisite albums and images to adorn your home and keep your love story alive.

Today's the big day—it's finally here! I'll be there every step of the way, capturing all your beautiful memories for you to cherish forever. Just focus on saying "I do" and enjoying every moment of your special day!

Let's celebrate your engagement! This moment is all about you. Wear your favorite outfit, something that reflects who you are. Get ready for an amazing time filled with fun and laughter!

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  • Enjoy a 1-1.5 hour session tailored to your chosen collection. 
  • It's your chance to dress up, glam up, and make memories! Afterwards, why not treat yourselves to a romantic dinner? 
  • Your engagement session is not just about photos—it's about discovering poses that feel natural and getting ready for your big day!

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Let's celebrate! It's official!! Engagement sessions are our chance to connect and create magic. I can't wait to celebrate your love and have a blast capturing these special moments!

Engagement Session

  • I've crafted collections inspired by the needs of past brides and my own experiences. 
  • Your wedding day is unique to you, so why shouldn't your collection be too? 
  • With me by your side, you'll experience that infectious "woo girl" energy while I capture every moment for you to cherish forever.

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All your meticulous planning has led to this moment—your wedding day is finally here! Today, just relax and savor every precious moment while I capture the magic for you.

Wedding Day

  • Crafting custom heirloom albums tailored to your personality and wedding day vibe.
  • Print your wedding day images to adorn your walls and treasure forever.
  • With no-fade images and albums, your memories remain as vivid as if it were yesterday.

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Your wedding day may pass in the blink of an eye, but your memories can last a lifetime. That's why I offer heirloom albums and images—ensuring your special moments are always remembered.

Heirloom Offerings

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Creating Memories, Capturing Moments

Honoring Family Traditions

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Time Alone for Couples Portraits

Experiences Over Things

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- lisa and josh

Where to begin! Kaitlyn was absolutely everything I was looking for, hoped for, and more! Her process is thorough, making you feel very comfortable in sitting back and letting her do her magic, knowing the photos are going to turn out beautifully - which they did

"Kaitlyn as a person is so welcoming and friendly."

- Hrenko 

She was wonderful- friendly and professional and helped with poses. We got same-day sneak peeks and photos were ready quickly- even before her estimate! We are a camera-shy group and the photos were beautiful!

"She was wonderful- friendly and professional and helped with poses ."

past clients

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- Rae and Ray, 2020 Couple — North Carolina

"On a day that people would think would be stressful-Made me feel like our happiness on our day was a priority.."


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Kaitlyn specializes in working with energetic and fun-loving couples.Her romantic style and instinctive compositions have a remarkable ability to compel viewers to pause, immerse themselves, and truly feel the emotions conveyed in her photographs. With a unique perspective that captures the unseen, Kaitlyn emerges as the preferred photographer for her clients, ensuring their memories are beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

Kaitlyn's boundless enthusiasm makes her your ultimate 'woo girl'.

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Some images are courtesy of LAR Photography from my own wedding or assisted weddings 

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