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Kaitlyn works with couples & families along the eastern side of the U.S. Her couples are energetic and fun loving. Kaitlyn's romantic style and natural compositions force anyone use views her art to slow down and feel what the photos are saying. Kaitlyn see's things others do not, and that is what makes her the best photographer for her clients. 

Kaitlyn's boundless enthusiasm makes her your ultimate 'woo girl'."

Hartford | OH
+ destinations around the globe

Visual Storyteller, Family and Wedding Photographer


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Kaitlyn specializes in working with energetic and fun-loving couples and families. Her romantic style and instinctive compositions have a remarkable ability to compel viewers to pause, immerse themselves, and truly feel the emotions conveyed in her photographs. With a unique perspective that captures the unseen, Kaitlyn emerges as the preferred photographer for her clients, ensuring their memories are beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

Preserving romantic and enchanting memories that captivate hearts and minds across the nation.

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Crocheting, Reading, Tv

Traveling with My Husband 

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I grew up on a 100 acre hobby farm and have decided to continue the legacy.

I am obsessed with traveling, globally and locally. I want to capture it all! 

I know first hand what wedding planning looks like. The joys, the stress and the excitement! 

Country Girl 

Passion for adventure.

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Kaitlyn's journey in preserving memories began in her teenage years, nurtured by the rich tapestry of life on a farm. Her parents, adept at capturing every first and joyous moment, filled their home with hundreds of photo albums. These albums became cherished treasures, a testament to the fun and warmth of family life.

For Kaitlyn, romanticizing life is essential; it adds depth and beauty to the everyday. It's this belief that propels her to infuse her work with a soft, romantic touch, ensuring her clients' precious moments are preserved with the same tender care she experienced growing up.

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- heidi and ken

 She’s very receptive to the subjects and works hard to make sure she’s capturing the moments we forget to think about. We got some really amazing shots! She’s very professional and reliable. 100% Recommend. I LOVE my wedding photos!

"Kaitlyn is an amazing photographer and a great person!."

- Ali and zach

A Rose’s Touch Photography was so wonderful to work with! Kaitlyn was so kind and professional. She helped direct us with poses and was patient with us when our plans had to change because of the pandemic.  We will use her for every big event in our family’s future!:)

"Wonderful demeanor & professionalism, the photographs that she created are beautiful!"



- Logan and Jason, 2022 Couple — North Carolina

"Phenomenally sweet & the absolutely the best photographer we’ve had the pleasure of doing business with. ."


Some images are courtesy of LAR Photography from my own wedding or assisted weddings 

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