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April 18, 2024

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Hey there, lovely souls!

Can we just take a moment to soak in the absolute magic of the 2024 Spring season? I mean, talk about a transformation! One minute, we’re bundled up tight, braving the chill of February, and the next? BAM! March and April sweep in with their warm embrace, painting the world with sunshine and bursting blooms. It’s like the whole universe decided to throw a party, and we’re all invited!

And speaking of celebrations, let me tell you about the epic start I had to this spring season with Gina & Cody’s Engagement session. Picture this: we’re barely 10 minutes in, surrounded by nature’s symphony, when suddenly, we witness a scene straight out of a wildlife documentary. Two majestic birds swoop overhead, locked in a graceful battle over a shimmering fish. Turns out, it was an eagle duking it out with another bird for the ultimate catch! Talk about a jaw-dropping moment that had us all on the edge of our seats (or blankets, in my case)!

But hey, let’s be real for a sec. Those first few minutes of any photoshoot? Total awkwardville. Trust me, even as a seasoned photographer, I still get those butterflies flapping around in my stomach. That’s why I make it my mission to reassure my clients: “Hey, feeling a bit strange right now? Totally normal! But guess what? It’s all about to get awesome!” And you know what? It always does. Because let’s face it, folks, feeling a tad awkward doesn’t mean we can’t look absolutely stunning!

Now, if you’re scouting for the perfect backdrop for your own magical moments this year, look no further than Buhl Park. Seriously, this place has it all! From the enchanting French vibes of the Casino to the tranquil riverside stroll, and those rolling hills that seem to dance with the setting sun – it’s a photographer’s dream come true!

And because I believe in sharing the love, I’ve decided to sprinkle a few of my favorite snapshots from Gina & Cody’s session right here for you to swoon over. Go on, take a peek!

Until we meet again, my darlings!

Warm hugs and sun-kissed smiles,


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