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December 17, 2019

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Hey Readers!

I told you I would try and write more frequently. This last week I had the pleasure of working with the Pasquale family! Jennifer hired me to capture her family at Wrightsville Beach. Unfortunately the weather had other plans for our original shooting day. I was really hopeful the rain was going to pass by the time we had to meet, but it showed zero mercy that Sunday and just kept on coming. Thankfully we could reschedule for later in the week… but for those of you non-Wilmington residents this weather is just B-A-N-A-N-A-S! It was in the 50s all last week, but today?! Today it was 73. My mind is completely blown!

We planned to have our reshoot on that Wednesday, of course when I woke up that morning it was raining and like 30 degrees. Okay so it may have been more like 45 degrees, but hello beach photoshoot! No matter what we were going to be human popsicles. Jennifer and I contemplated on rescheduling again, but we really wanted to get these in before Christmas so we trekked on. The rain went away around noon and the sun decided to grace us with her presence, that is until session time.

I will say the Pasquale’s are troopers when it comes to weather! Granted they moved from Michigan so they are as accustomed to the cold as I am. But having a photoshoot in December on the beach, barefoot mind you, does make for an interesting time. We had about thirty minutes to get photos of Sophia, 14, Gavin 11, Jennifer and her Husband Daniel. Of course, I was up for the challenge to make it look like they were having blast and not freezing in the interim. Oddly enough the water was warmer than outside, so Gavin kept dunking his toes in the ocean. I think by the time our session was over our noses were bright red and our toes were chilled, but we did it! I will have the photos of the chilly day below!

Happy Holidays!!

Xoxo, Kaitlyn

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