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December 15, 2019

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Hey Guys!

Oh my goodness am I behind on blogging or what?! So let’s roll back together a couple weeks… Like the day after Black Friday.. I had the pleasure of taking family photos at Haley Burton Park. Now I will admit even though I have been in Wilmington a little over a year I am still learning on a daily basis that there are so many secret spots to visit! Haley Burton Park being one of them! This gem definitely snuck up on me. When Tracy reached out to me on Thumbtack, another secret little gem I recommend, I secretly Google’d this location so I could get my bearings as to where on Earth I would be traveling. To my surprise the location was right around the corner from my old apartment. I told Tracy I would be happy to capture their family smiles and we set the date for the weekend of Thanksgiving.

The Tuesday before our photoshoot I set out to explore the uncharted territory of this park. I was beyond blown away at the cuteness it had to offer. From the swingset to the gazebo and various heavily wooded walking trails I was in location heaven! I walked around this location for about an hour thinking of all the fun spots we could stop and catch some smiles.

Fast forward through eating yummy turkey and shopping till I drop, not really I worked my other job on Black Friday, but it sounded good! I met Tracy and her family at the park and we had a blast! Jackson, Tracy’s nephew had so much energy. I kept asking him if that was bottlable that I could maybe borrow. We were posing in pine needles and around the various bikers and runners within the park. But enough about the session I will let the photos speak for themselves!

Talk to you soon readers,


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