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December 7, 2019

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Hey Readers!

I know I know I have not blogged in a few weeks, but it’s almost CHRISTMAS!!! Did you know? I bet you did, but I am so excited. Because this also means my family will be coming to NC to visit for a bit. Towards the end of November I had the opportunity to squish in two more sessions! The first one I was beyond excited to capture as it was friends of ours from Ohio, who now live in NC. When I say I’ve been waiting patiently to have this session I mean it’s been months that I’ve tried hard not to ask is it time yet?!

Dylan & Ashley have been engaged for a little bit of time and I’ve been itching to whisk them off to Fort Fisher and capture the cuteness they have. Boy did they deliver! When I met Dylan I was back in Ohio and he was filling in as a manager of the store I was working at. Fast forward to last July when I moved here I met Ashley. They lived down the hall from Matt and I in our apartment building and it was so much fun to just walk down to meet them and walk the dogs or go out for a movie. When Ashley asked me recently if I could take their picture I am pretty sure I squeaked with excitement.

I met them at Fort Fisher during my favorite time of day… GOLDEN HOUR! Now you all know by now I am a sucker for that golden light the sun gives us before she takes her nightly slumber. When we arrive at Fort Fisher I was not expecting all of the other families and photographers there! It was kind of cool to watch everyone else work and us rotate around one another for various locations. I of course was all over the place trying to find the best spot. I think at one point I even told Ashley & Dylan to give me a model face, my reaction to their immediate change I think was holy canole! They gave me such model vibes. Of course what photoshoot wouldn’t be complete without the family pup Ellie?! I could not wait to capture the puppy kisses and shiny ring that came along with this session!

Enough about me blabbering on! Take a look for yourself 🙂

Talk soon!


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