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November 20, 2019

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Hey All!

It’s time for another blog post of a perfect session! Last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the cutest family. Aisy was definitely the star of the show. To preface that Aisy is the 4 year old girl at my session and also the best second shooter ever! This girl came prepared with not only a smile on her face but her own little digital camera. At first I thought this camera was a play toy and didn’t really turn on. Boy was I wrong! Not only did this thing turn on, it had a back screen to look at as well as you could take selfies with that thing! Sorry not sorry for the exclamation points. Can you tell it was fun and I was blown away?

When I first got to Hugh MacRae Park I was worried it was going to be a little too chilly for anyone to really enjoy the time we had to capture the love and fun of this family. When I say chilly I mean a slight nip in the air that is cooler than what we had been experiencing for the last week, but also significantly warmer than I am yet accustomed to in November. For the record I had just turned the heater on in my house the day before since it was dipping into the 40s at night. It kind of made for a chilly wake up call in the morning when I hadn’t yet had my heater on. I think at one point my house was down to 64, which really isn’t terrible, but when you sleep with one blanket it makes it hard to get warm overnight. When I got to the park I want to say it was in the high 40s teetering into the 50s, but this was also at 10am and the sun had yet to peek over the tall trees in the location we were at. The northerner in me wore lots of layers and packed a blanket to wrap my clients in if they got cold as well as to lay on the ground for snuggly poses.

Now readers I know I’ve probably already told you this, but I am afraid of geese, and I mean like everything inside of me when they are in close proximity screams move your tush woman. Why am I telling you this? Well this park where I love to shoot at by the bridge has a flock of geese that love to hangout there. Now generally they are pretty good and just mind their beaks and I do the same.. that is until people thought feeding them was a good idea and now these birds think I have treats every time I visit the park, for the record I do not feed them. As I was mid pose along a wall posing Susan, James and Aisy I felt a presence down by my leg. Honestly I was completely afraid to look. Every little alarm in my head, you know the ones you get when you’re watching a horror movie that tells you danger is behind you? Ya those. As I am posing I slowly let my eyes fall down to my right side and there’s a goose.. hanging out alongside my leg! Like I have treats or something. I tried my best to ignore it and continue to take photos, but oh my geez I was struggling to focus. At one point James and Susan tried to shoo it away so I wouldn’t panic. Granted I was almost in the pond to get the perfect angle, but story of my life. As you read more posts from me you’ll soon learn I will do anything for the perfect angle, including mingle with geese.

With Aisy being my second shooter there was definitely never a dull moment. At one point there were a few dogs that were walking by us and me being me naturally stopped the posing to allow her to go pet the pups. Trust me it was hard for me not to yell puppy! And reach down to pet them as well. At some point I still have to look like I am an adult and completely in control of my puppy petting urges. Towards the end of the session I was posing James and Susan and I had Aisy beside me so I could make sure the geese were not going to mistake her as a snack. I had her pull out her camera and take some photos while I worked to pose them. During one pose I was having them do a quick kiss and hold the aftermath smile, but Aisy was not having it. She kept yelling kiss like we were at a wedding reception. She wanted to capture all of the kisses, by the end of it I think we were all in tears from laughing.

It was so much fun to spend an hour with this family and capture the cuteness they have. I think at one point Aisy was even picking out the locations to have us stop and pose at! But enough from me take a look at the gallery!

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