Tiny Footprints in the Sand

November 4, 2019

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Hey Readers!

Needless to say my love for the beach is ever present in the last few sessions I have had. I had to keep one of my last sessions under wraps until the family made their own very special announcement, I mean who doesn’t love a family announcement?! Which is also why this blog post is coming so late, I realized I was doing my best to keep the info a secret and completely forgot to blog about it when I got the green light!

The one session I had over the Wrightsville weekend was that of Tina and Cory. Oh my goodness did they make my little Ohio heart swoon. Tina had found me on Google and was elated that I was from Ohio and that we even had the same area code. Now for those that aren’t Northern I have a 330 area code. To me that is something I hold close to me. It literally signifies where I come from. There was even a company back home with the 330 in it from what it symbolized. Sure I can say I am from Ohio but to see it is a whole other story. So much to my surprise when Tina reached out she also had a 330 area code! I was doing a little happy dance around my room with excitement to share this with my client. Tina and Cory actually lived in Raleigh and wanted to travel to Wrightsville Beach as this was where Cory popped the question as well as where they got married! How cute is that.

The day we had our session I ran to my local store to get a slice of birthday cake for Tina’s birthday weekend. Let’s be real, every day deserves cake, but maybe a little extra cake on our birthday weekend! We were using this session to capture the love of Tina and Cory, but to also set the stage for an exciting announcement. For this Ohioan to have an 89 degree day in September completely blew my mind! All I knew was I was going to use this to the best of our advantage. We had so much fun posing along the sand and even under the pier, that is until the chum bucket started to leak water near me… I may have quickly jumped away from it when I realized what it was.

When it came time to pose the baby items I was shocked at how tiny everything was. I mean take a peek at those tiny flops! Just how precious could they be? I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but it was such a blast to capture their love and the little miracle. I could have placed the baby items forever! It could not have been a more perfect beach day, of course minus the random wind that rips through Wrightsville. I’m pretty sure Tina’s hair called it quits on holding a curl 10 minutes into our session, but she still managed to look flawless!

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