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October 25, 2019

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Hey All!

Oh my gosh did I tell you the weekend of the 12th was insane?! It may be normal for most photographers, but I honestly never schedule myself like that. The last session I had of the weekend was Jade. Jade is a high school senior who was looking for one thing.. The ocean, her main and only concern with her photos was to have the gorgeous waters behind her. We planned to meet at Wrightsville Beach to catch the last hour of sunset. I live for a good sunset photo, but to have the warm colors mixed with the bright blue of the ocean I was in heaven.

Jade drove out from Fayetteville, NC to meet me! With still learning all of the amazing locations Wilmington has to offer I pre scoped out the various beach accesses a week before so I could make sure we had various props to have our session with.

I am the person who will plan for every situation as well as try to see what location I am getting into so I can ensure I know what lighting we have and what would look best. BUT, the universe had other plans. I was waiting for Jade down on the south end of the island where a lot of surfers access the beach. It’s fun spot to just sit and relax and watch the world around you. I received a text around 5 from Jade saying she was here, but I couldn’t see her anywhere and vice versa. Here we were at completely different beach access locations! Oops! But here’s the thing, I love happy accidents. They bring something different to what you’ve planned for and literally force you to shake things up, so that’s what we did. I met Jade down at the other location and we had so much fun with it! She had even brought her boyfriend and brother along for the road trip, so naturally we had to get a couple photos with them in there! As we were walking onto the beach there was a cute little walk way with palm trees hanging over, it felt like a tunnel to paradise. The sand almost felt softer on my tootsies, I swear! By this little act of happy accidents I never would have found this new location and the paradise hallway, let alone the gorgeous tall grass to play in.. But what am I kidding how about I just post some of the gallery images below and let them speak for themself!

I left that session with goosebumps from excitement over the images I knew were safely tucked away in my camera.

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