Smooshy Faces and Tiny Fingers

March 22, 2020

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Hey Readers!

I know I went M.I.A for a few days, more like 12, but who is counting? Maybe me.. Okay definitely me. With everything happening in the world right now I seem to be losing all sense of what day it is and yet still knowing way too many days have passed since I’ve spoken to you last. So let’s take this post back to before the whole U.S.A went on lock down.. back to the simpler things, squishy faces, tiny fingers and toes and even a smaller nose.

Last week I had the pleasure of photographing my best friends newborn photos! Yes if you were wondering this is the same baby who was in his momma’s belly back in the January session that I did. Christina and I prepared for a few hours with Bryce, just in case he decided to be a diva or become excessively hungry. Needless to say the amount of time we blocked off was completely used. He normally is a sleep all day kind of baby, but for some reason when I walked in he was WIDE awake. Like it was a miracle when he did nod off for a few. But hey he’s a baby he can pretty much do what he wants and still photograph well. I could not get enough of how tiny he was. I mean can we talk about those little digits?! He was just so darn precious.

After the session I ran home to edit as fast as I could. I could not wait to deliver these to momma. And then the world went into lockdown it seems. For those who do not know I live in Wilmington, N.C. Up until that Saturday/Sunday I could still buy my basic groceries, minus tp, and everything seemed semi-ok. Well fast forward to after Sunday and stuff started to get real. Our restaurants were closed for carry-out only and grocery stores were selling out faster than they could restock. The other part of this is Photography is my side job, my gorgeous favorite side job. My full time job I knew was going to eventually send us home, but it was a matter of when. So all last week I would go to work and work away my shift waiting for news. Well Wednesday came and we were all instructed to pack up our stuff and work from home.

This is something I am excited to try out as well as the new shift that I was placed on in the meantime. Thankfully Matt was sent to work from home that whole week so we had already opted to move our offices around. Unknown to us that I would be next to be sent home. Matt was using our FROG (Front Room Over Garage, for those Northerners like myself who had no idea what that was) but he soon realized it was just too warm up there during the Spring and Summer months, unless we ran our air a lot more. So I opted to have him take my office downstairs and I would work upstairs to edit, blog and hangout. Well with me being sent home to work my day job it is definitely stuffy up there, especially with it being in the 80s for a few working days. Needless to say I will be opening the windows a lot and eventually buying a window unit. But my office is gorgeous! I have so much room to spread out and even lay out my camera equipment!

This weekend will probably be my last out in public the way everything seems to be shifting. I went out to get my nails done, I am new to acrylics, but oh my gracious I was afraid to let them grow too long. I did a Walmart run to find most of the meat was picked over, minus one bag of tuna and some Italian sausage.. Meatballs anyone?! After my errands yesterday I ran home for a quick shower with some super hot water just to be safe. With our beaches being closed I had to postpone an engagement session for this month. It’s rumored they would reopen in April, but who knows. At this point I am just taking everything one day at a time. I have one engagement session Downtown. The challenge is I am a social person who is a hugger, which I have already warned will not be the case. We will be keeping our distances as I use lenses that allow me to keep the social distancing spaces. She’s even bringing their new puppy! My inner child is going to be so mad! BUT we wanted to get these down soon so she can send out Save the Dates. Especially since we do not know at the moment what the future holds.

Don’t worry I’ll probably rush to get those out and on the blog by next week 🙂

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane!



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