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March 30, 2020

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Hey All!

Holy cow this week has just flown by, unfortunately so has the weekend! Let me fill you in a little bit as to what has been happening here in North Carolina. Last weekend we were told to not have more than 10 people to an area for any type of social gatherings. Restaurants were set to pickup or delivery, but other businesses were trying to stay open. On Sunday I had a photo session scheduled with Bronwen & Gary in Downtown, Wilmington. I was so unsure with everything going on in the world if they wanted to continue their scheduled session or reschedule when things started to open back up.

Nothing was going to come between these two and their engagement session though! We kept the photo session, but maintained social distancing. You guys they even brought their German Shorthaired Pointer puppy named Beau and I couldn’t even pet him! I wanted to stay as far as possible behind the lens. Now for those that have met me I am an excitable person who loves hugs, I’m kind of like Olaf. To ensure we did not come into any contact I ended up being a very enthusiastic waver! Bronwen and Gary drove from Raleigh to have their photos done and we were not going to let a little social distancing stop us. Don’t worry we still made sure Beau received lots of love from everyone and then some.

It was as if Mother Nature knew we had planned a photo session and did the complete opposite of what we were hoping for. You guys it was beyond overcast. Sometimes on an overcast day you can kind of guess where the sun is blinding you from right? Not Sunday. Sunday the sun was completely out of sight, so we did what anyone would do… We made it the best shoot ever. Bronwen and Gary witnessed me playing find the sun a few times, but it all really worked out! I mean you can tell in the gallery below how gorgeous they turned out! We even got some of Beau looking his dapper self. I will say when the session ended it was hard not to hug them, but again enthusiastic waver over here! So it had to do.

This was the first full week I was working my full-time job from home and it was just beyond odd. I didn’t have to worry about looking 100% for work or try and get lunches packed and dinner cooked before I was out the door. It’s weird not completely interacting with society, but I also really like the solidarity at times. This weekend our governor has issued a shelter in place to take effect on Monday. To me it’ll feel about the same, but I know a lot of other businesses that were trying to stay open now have to close. I’ll be postponing a lot of my photoshoots until this all blows over, but I was so grateful to squish in Bronwen & Gary!

I’ll keep you all posted!



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