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Last Sunday I pulled out my camera to work on some flat lay practice. For those that do not know what a flat lay is, welcome to my life pre-photography world! A flat-lay is in my definition a photo of bridal suites and details you want to capture of a special day.

When in doubt… Flat Lays!

Hey All! Holy cow this week has just flown by, unfortunately so has the weekend! Let me fill you in a little bit as to what has been happening here in North Carolina. Last weekend we were told to not have more than 10 people to an area for any type of social gatherings. Restaurants […]

Bronwen & Gary

It also helps that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year! Yay early Spring here we come!

Spring is almost here.. Right?!

Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest clearly had more than two days off or just didn’t have a lot of errands. I bet it was someone who had groceries delivered to their house and put away by elves!

Isn’t Sunday suppose to be a day of REST?!

BUTTTTT my mom and I might have forgotten to make sure everything was going to fit in her car before embarking on this road trip!

Make me up

I realized looking back on my social media you guys don’t really get to see the inside of my life. You get to see the amazing sessions I have and how gorgeous my clients are, but not much else! Honestly January is a slow month as far as sessions go so I figured lets make a change and learn a little more about me!

Hello February it’s been so long!