Spring is almost here.. Right?!

February 5, 2020

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Happy Wednesday Readers!

I have to tell you that this slow season is so hard! It’s not hard for the fact that I’m not booking clients, I mean it’s chilly out I do not want to subject my clients to a cold! It’s difficult this time of year because I have to force myself to enjoy the downtime I do have available. Now don’t get me wrong I am still using the time to take courses to further my career as well as getting caught up on podcasts. But I am not use to running around during every free minute trying to get to various sessions or picking up things I would need. The downtime is a different change of pace I’m not use to. I am sure come this time next year I will be welcoming it with open arms!

The good news is the sun is starting to peek out with warmer temperatures, which has me beyond excited for Spring. It also helps that Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this year! Yay early Spring here we come! My goals this Spring are to take adventures around the Wilmington and Leland areas and find new locations! Don’t get me wrong I LOVE shooting at Fort Fisher, but I know there are always secret little gems waiting to be uncovered. If you know of any feel free to drop them in the comment section so I can add them to the bucket list!

I will say the month of February is going to be busy with various things so that way I do not have to worry about them when Spring and Summer are here. My dogs aren’t super thrilled as the vet clinic is one of the stops on my list, I’ll probably have to bribe them with treats. BUT… I am heading to Walt Disney World at the end of the month with a best friend from the Elementary school days and her friends! I cannot wait for a girls weekend in Disney! Can you tell I am excited with all of the exclamation point?! Needless to say I have already started writing out my packing list. Maybe next week I’ll discuss all my favorite Disney things!

Until next time readers!



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