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May 1, 2020

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Hey All!

Phew this week has been a lot, but I know I say that every week! I actually took a day off of my full time job, because I needed a mental break. Sometimes you just have to allow yourself time to do nothing. I try to spread out my chores for the home as well as photography to do’s on my days off and on my lunch breaks, but it can just not be enough time. Some days I just need to allow myself to do nothing, or in this case everything, but at my own pace and knowing there’s no timeline.

Last Sunday I pulled out my camera to work on some flat lay practice. For those that do not know what a flat lay is, welcome to my life pre-photography world! A flat-lay is in my definition a photo of bridal suites and details you want to capture of a special day. That is what I was working on any way. I was able to get a few wedding invitations from Minted to play around with. The rings were my grandmothers so I really wanted to incorporate those into my practice. The rest were things I found around the house or purchase from Olive and Oak! I bought my styling mat from them! Oh my gracious a definite recommendation! It is even double sided, the quick shipping alone had me pleased

By the time I had finished playing around with details and was able to edit the images it was well past dinner time. I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get so engrossed in a task I’ll forget to eat lunch or even realize dinner is fast approaching. I even did that today, by the time I realized it it was 5 and I had missed lunch!

Oh well, you can see my fun stuff below! Also I now offer gift cards!! If you are wanting a fun gift for Mother’s Day or birthdays these are always an option!

Talk Soon!


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