It’s my birthday and I’ll stay inside if I want to

April 19, 2020

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Hey All!

I know I’m blogging way outside of my normal blogging schedule, but I am STRUGGLING. Last Saturday the 11th was my birthday! I turned 27, holy carp has time flown. Thankfully I did not really have a lot planned for the day. I had originally wanted to travel to Myrtle Beach and visit the Ripley’s Aquarium, maybe even build a bear to commemorate the day. The alternative was still pretty amazing to me. Matt knew I wanted a new Kindle oasis so he pitched in for my birthday so I could have it as a present as well as helped me buy a slightly used Nintendo Switch! We spent the day playing Super Smash brothers and watching the second Jumaji. My one friend stopped over and delivered some yummy birthday cheesecake from our favorite girls day lunch spot, Fish Bites. Then Matt and I ordered Michaels Seafood for birthday dinner. It was ultimately a great day, regardless of all things considered.

The next day being Easter, Matt had to work so we didn’t do anything too crazy. I cooked dinner with cheesy potatoes and ultimately just enjoyed being off with nothing to stress over. Now I will say it was weird being home that weekend. Normally we plan to go out and do something for my birthday so Matt doesn’t have to try and figure out a present. I would always prefer an adventure to a present.. Now don’t get me wrong I love presents, but I have also love cherishing the memories we create. Last year we were in Vegas for a few days. The year before Disney with my family and home to go bowling and tacos lol.

Fast forward to this coming week and wow it was just a lot. Monday we had a crazy little storm with tornado warnings, so that spooked me a bit.. I’m okay with rain, tornados, hurricanes? Nope, nope, nope. Can you tell I have control issues lol. I just don’t like not knowing what’ll happen. At least back north we had basements, not here! Which I think is part of my scare. But ya know that’s just a Kaitlyn fun fact. After that Bumper, our cavapoo, decided my work headset looked yummy and ate it.. So that was fun to tell your sup that your dog ate your headset.

This week though I just feel like all of my energy had been zapped. Like completely zapped out. I honestly wasn’t even sure what to blog about. This weekend I did make Dole Whip! Oh my yum 🙂 I definitely recommend trying to make it! All it is is 1/2 cup of pineapple juice, 2 cups of FROZEN pineapple pieces and 1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream. I will say I made this x2 for me and Matt and it was almost too much, now I said almost. I just also finished putting chocolate and butterscotch chip cookies in the oven, so I think I am having a sweets craving.

Oh I just talked a lot! hahah I might have found something to blog about. You may find my posts are Sundays only until I am able to get back behind the camera. BUTTTT I did buy a few styling things to play with this week, so I might have some fun things to share to you all later

Alright loves, I’m off to go eat a cookie.

Love you all


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