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January 28, 2020

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Hey Readers!

Day 3 of trying to get to know me! Let’s see if we can get some interesting facts out on this post today. Trust me it’s a trial to write to you about interesting things! That and juggling the time, but hey who needs sleep right?

If you watched my Instagram story this morning I gave you a sneek peak into my makeup vanity and the vast amount of makeup I do own. I didn’t always use to love makeup, it was a love that snuck up on me. It was probably 2014/2015 when I stumbled upon Jaclyn Hill and NikkieTutorials. The creativity they had to share and the array of looks they could create from products just blew my mind. I just loved that you could alter your appearance based on how you were feeling in that day with a few products. Now don’t get me wrong you can do a lot with more products, but not everyone has time to contour that jawline, I sure don’t. I started taking whatever money I had and buying the newest eyeshadow palette, mascara, foundation etc. You name it I wanted to see how it worked and form my own opinion on it. My love for makeup grew and I started to share that love with my sister and my mom. We started having Ulta and Sephora shopping trips and days where we’d all play makeup in my moms bathroom.

It was fun to teach my mom and sister the different makeup techniques. Now don’t get me wrong I hid behind my makeup a lot of the times. It helped me have some semblance of confidence, without it I felt completely naked. I went through a patch in my life where if I wasn’t wearing makeup out and about then I may run into someone and they’d see how unattractive I was etc… Now listen don’t go off on a tyrant about how this isn’t true you’re pretty etc. I have now accepted who I am and what I look like, I love the way I look. Back then? That was a whole other story. I was trying to find myself and be accepted. For awhile I forced myself to stop wearing makeup and live in the discomfort, I needed to show myself it was okay to just be me. All of me. Now I put on makeup when I feel like it, not because I feel like I need a suit of armor. It’s fun to be able to go from a sexy smokey eye and lip to a subtle girly vibe.

I’ll never forget about 4 years ago after I got my tax return I started planning out my dream makeup vanity. I started budgeting what would work and what I needed to have a great set up. Granted where I lived at the time the closest IKEA was about a two hour drive (I’m northern we discuss distance in times not miles) so I made sure to know what I wanted before we left. BUTTTTT my mom and I might have forgotten to make sure everything was going to fit in her car before embarking on this road trip! I had picked out my desk with the rollaway for my makeup to go in. The makeup mirror was on delivery to my house, that was a birthday present. It has a dimmer switch as well as outlets built into it! When my mom and I checked out we realized that it might not fit in the car. But since we didn’t want to pay the obscene amount for shipping we figured we would make it fit. Thankfully this wasn’t as big of a challenge as we thought it may be. We got everything to fit and even went to Burgatory ( HIGHLY RECOMMEND) to get lunch.

This was such a fun memory I shared with my mom and even something I held special. Why? Because I set the desk up all by myself, with the one piece of instructions from IKEA of course haha. With makeup it’s not about trying to look better for anyone else, but it’s all about making yourself feel great! It also forces you to take some me time while you get ready.

That’s your fun fact for the day 🙂

Talk to you tomorrow readers


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