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Hey Readers! I’m baaacckk! I promise I did not fall off the face of the earth. I just did not realize how busy I made myself from Summer to Winter! I took a look back in my calendar and there wasn’t one weekend where I didn’t have a shoot or a wedding or something going […]

Oh Hey 2021!

But readers I am going to be honest with you for a second, like true no filter honesty. I am STRUGGLING! No not with the binge watching or the deep cleaning of my house, or even the excessive baking I have been doing. But struggling with content! I

To the windowww to the wall..

When Matt and I walked in Christina’s house on Saturday I don’t think either of us were prepared for what was on the other side of that door.

Saturdays are for sugar rushes & laughter

Whoever said Sunday was a day of rest clearly had more than two days off or just didn’t have a lot of errands. I bet it was someone who had groceries delivered to their house and put away by elves!

Isn’t Sunday suppose to be a day of REST?!

was really hopeful the rain was going to pass by the time we had to meet, but it showed zero mercy that Sunday and just kept on coming.

New Family in Town

Let’s be real, every day deserves cake, but maybe a little extra cake on our birthday weekend! We were using this session to capture the love of Tina and Cory, but to also set the stage for an exciting announcement.

Tiny Footprints in the Sand

As we were walking onto the beach there was a cute little walk way with palm trees hanging over, it felt like a tunnel to paradise.

Senior Sunsets