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Well Readers February has come and gone, and I survived. Now I know what you’re thinking… Survived? Our Fearless Leader using words like survived? She doesn’t struggle..psh. She laughs at the face of struggle. Well dear Readers I do struggle, but I also embrace it. The year of 2018 is going to be a lot of firsts […]

That Lovey Holiday

Back in October I matched with a guy on Tinder. I broke one of my own rules and months later I was paying for it. I always said if I second guessed the guy I was looking at in the photo or felt unsure of him then I needed to swipe left. Any hesitation I had […]

Spare, Strike, Turkey

Well Readers, I survived. I survived the Holidays. The first Holiday alone, not really alone, just single. You see it in movies, hear about it in songs and read about it in novels, hell you’ve more than likely experienced it yourself. I knew it was going to be a challenge, but I figured challenge accepted. […]

2018; What Do You Have For Me?

When you’re in your 20’s there are a lot of new Holidays that arise due to coming home for the Holidays. When I was in my relationship I never really went out to bars or clubs. It wasn’t something we did, we weren’t huge crowd people and it didn’t seem like a whole lot of […]


Well readers I told you I had an upcoming date that thrilled me and excited me. I met him on Tinder. Let’s call him Mr. Rogers.. I’ll explain later. One night I was at work swiping right and left trying to find a match, when my coworkers stole my phone and started swiping for me. They […]

Another One Bites the Dust

Well readers today I was supposed to be walking down the aisle. Yes guys, you read that correctly. Me, Kat, was supposed to be getting married to the love of her life today. I’ve never really told you guys much about me. I’m sure you can piece together here and there from the posts, but […]

It’s just another day

Readers there was a date #2, but there were also two other first dates in the same week leading up to my second date with Bowler Dad. I wanted to give each guy I was talking to a chance. I wanted to get to know them and see where it went from there. So let […]

You’re the only Ten I see

Well Reader’s I told you I met someone.. and well I did, but let me back this boat up and tell you all about my “first dates” and there were a few. Let me take you to my first Tinder match that I sort of hit it off with. His name will not be stated […]

First Date Jitters

When you’re on Tinder you swipe left or right to decide if the person on your phone screen is someone you might be compatible with. Somehow their five profile photos that they choose will convey to you what type of person they are. They might post photos of them with their pets, or their mom, or […]

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Hey, I’m Kat. Italian. Outgoing. Love animals; I have a cat and a dog. Enjoy being outdoors. Book nerd. Gun lover. This is how my Tinder profile reads whenever someone wants to learn more about who the girl is in the photo. I’m newly single and decided one day to throw myself into the dating app […]

Swiper no swiping!