A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

September 18, 2017

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When you’re on Tinder you swipe left or right to decide if the person on your phone screen is someone you might be compatible with. Somehow their five profile photos that they choose will convey to you what type of person they are. They might post photos of them with their pets, or their mom, or even a more common one in my area… posting with their trucks and guns. In these photos you somehow are supposed to catch a glimpse as to what their interests are and if you find them attractive. But some of the most attractive people take the worst photos, because the most attractive people aren’t only physically attractive but are attractive internally as well. I know I can take a horrible photo, but when I’m really happy and laughing at something I’ve been told I’m the most beautiful. That is when my true inner beauty is the most prominent I suppose.

Now readers there are some interesting people on Tinder don’t get me wrong and yes we are judging a book by its cover but in this day and age that’s pretty much the only way we get partnered with someone. I’ve come across men with photos of them in a group setting in each of their five photos. It is so incredibly hard to find out which one the guy is when there’s at least four men in the photo each time. There’s other guys who have women in their pictures but never state in the bio who they are which just leaves me questioning whether or not it’s an ex or they just like to mess around. Some post photos with a newborn and then state in their bio that it’s their niece or a friends kid. The ones I generally stay away from are the men who have at least two cat photos with them snuggled all around them and then the ones with the guys who only have gym selfies. Now don’t get me wrong I love my cat, but it always seems the guys with a million kitten selfies are just not my type and the gym selfie guy is only interested in the next mirror selfie he can take.

The nice thing that accompanies these photos are the bios that are underneath of them. I said earlier how they’ll try to defend what’s in their photo or try to make themselves seem more likable. I know when I am swiping I want someone who seems genuine and it’s not a forced photo. The ones where they can be goofy in their pictures but show you who they really are at the same time. I want their bios to be funny or cute or just state the facts. I’ve come across a few stating they only want a good time, and yes I’ve been warned Tinder is a good breeding ground for that. But I’ve also stumbled upon some where they state that if you are over a certain weight don’t even bother to swipe right. The men you come across on Tinder sometimes are completely barbaric and I end up losing all faith in humanity. But other times I’ll come across a sweet looking guy with a short and sweet bio looking to connect or he will have a cute pickup line and then my faith is slightly restored.

My five photos I’m sure didn’t show much about who I was either. This isn’t an exact science and showing who you are and writing about who you are isn’t always easy. So I did the casual sports attire photo, one of me being silly and a few others of me just having fun. It’s incredibly hard to put yourself out there when you know someone is judging you based off of what you put out there. But the comforting fact is someone out there is posting the same thing and exposing themselves as well. Readers I was not a bold person by any means in my past relationship… I’ve never really been bold… period. But I decided to put myself out there and just see where life took me. It’s terrifying exposing yourself like that. But I did it anyway. And I can say without a doubt I am beyond elated that I did…

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