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I am so excited I get to share with you Cole & Jocelyn’s photos from our downtown shoot a few weeks ago! It was such a blast. We wanted to showcase their favorite past time activities in and outside of school. Cole’s being football and Jocelyn being art.

Cole & Jocelyn School Portraits| In Downtown| Wilmington, NC|

Let’s talk about Savanna and her gorgeous family! and I mean GORGEOUS! You know how sometimes it takes a few seconds to get the right pose and then small adjustments here and there, well they were naturals! I definitely have a blast with this family! We laughed a lot and I was really in my zone. I think my face hurt so much from smiling and getting overall that excited during the session.

Savanna Stiles & Family

Last Sunday I pulled out my camera to work on some flat lay practice. For those that do not know what a flat lay is, welcome to my life pre-photography world! A flat-lay is in my definition a photo of bridal suites and details you want to capture of a special day.

When in doubt… Flat Lays!

I know I’m blogging way outside of my normal blogging schedule, but I am STRUGGLING. Last Saturday the 11th was my birthday! I turned 27, holy carp has time flown.

It’s my birthday and I’ll stay inside if I want to

Hey Readers! Holy Whirlwind weekend! I honestly feel like the weekend was non-existent these last few days. Saturday was a huge day for me. One that I have been counting down towards since October! Saturday I was able to attend The Prosper Workshop! This educational event was hosted by Chelsea Allegra Hollis. She went above […]

The Prosper Workshop