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February 24, 2020

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Hey Readers!

Holy Whirlwind weekend! I honestly feel like the weekend was non-existent these last few days. Saturday was a huge day for me. One that I have been counting down towards since October! Saturday I was able to attend The Prosper Workshop! This educational event was hosted by Chelsea Allegra Hollis. She went above and beyond to ensure we all learned something that day as well as walked away with a gorgeous styled shoot. And I mean GORGEOUS! I have attached the gallery below so you can see what I mean.

The day started bright and early at 8:30 am. Now I know that’s really not that early, but I had gotten up at 6:30. I wanted to make sure I had a solid breakfast and massive coffee a la Starbucks to start my day right. It didn’t help I was sucked into 9-1-1 Austin and wanted to keep binging it the night before. Matt finally had to tell me I needed to shut it off! Oops 🙂 So Saturday started with coffee and then a short drive to the Old Homestead Farms. This land alone was just gorgeous. The icing on it was I awoke to a frosty ground, so to see the land glistening with frost really made me think of home.

The morning festivities started with meeting everyone around me, some I even follow on social media and had no idea I was meeting them! I was slightly starstruck, I’m a dork that way! Then we dived right into being a business! Our why’s and purpose of why we live behind the camera. Now I’ll tell you all about my why later this week 😉 Then we talked about taxes and llc. Oh my, talk about information overload, but it was something we needed to know! They even broke it down to where to start and how to successfully file your taxes. It was awesome! Next came social media and how to have gorgeous Instagram layouts, something I need to get better with! This is all information you think you may know, but they really dived into it and layer by layer showed us how to be better!

Lunch time came around where we took a quick break… Then…. STYLED SHOOT TIME! You guys I was swooning at the little details Chelsea had set up! She had so many different flat lays and details to choose from. The table set up as well as the sweetheart table were just gorgeous. I’ll list all of the vendors below, trust me if I you need to hire anyone pull from that list! Everything was so breathtaking. Once the styled shoot was done we came back to eat some dinner and talk about editing and blogging! My favorite part of my career is showing all of you what my life looks like behind the lens! I could not wait to get the gallery edited so I could show you these!

Needless to say when Saturday came to an end I was worn out! I honestly don’t know how Chelsea did it! But guys real talk… If you ever want to invest back in your own business I recommend this workshop. Even if you’re not a photographer. There is a half-day option so you can successfully learn how to build your business. But I learned a lot from this workshop and walked away feeling like a whole new woman. It was so empowering to be around all of these amazing female boss babes and just seeing them own their business and crushing it! Chelsea really makes sure you learn as much as possible, regardless of where you are in your career, she had something for all levels to learn! But really if you could invest in one thing, I would hands down recommend this. Honestly I would even attend it again, because it was just that good!

Anyway, I am still wiped from this weekend, but totally worth it! I hope you have an amazing Monday!



  • Vendors & Speakers:
    • Host Photographer: Chelsea Allegra
    • Venue: Old Homestead Farm Events
    • Gown: Coastal Knot
    • Makeup: Seven Makeup and Beauty
    • Hair: Ambiance ILM
    • Florals: Designs by Dillon NC
    • Rentals: White Birch Rentals
    • Invitations & Calligraphy: Ive and Linen Designs
    • Signs & Calligraphy: Handwritings by Hannah
    • Groom’s Ties: TiesDotCom
    • Glassware/Linens/Tableware: @partysuppliersandrentals
    • Business Talk: Chrissy Denoyer
    • Social Media: Katherine Cole
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