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February 17, 2020

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Hey Readers!

Happy weekend of self love and loving one another! I hope you had an amazing Valetnines, Galentines or Self Love day! I know for some that day is wildly annoying and just another commercial Holiday to buy something. To me it’s a day where I can be my hopeless romantic self, but on another level. I just love love. It’s part of the reason I started picking up a camera. I love having the memories of love to look back on. This weekend was jam packed with fun, laughter and love. Needless to say having at least one weekend day off with Matt is amazing.

On Valentines day I was working my day job, but I did come home to a few surprises. My parents had sent Matt and I a Valentine’s Day care package. It was full of chocolate, love notes (like note pads) and even a surprise check to treat ourselves to a date. My parents are some of the sweetest people in the world and their care packages always make me smile. Matt and I have been watching Harry Potter this week so his surprise was Moose Tracks ice cream and binging the last two movies. It was a perfect night to end a very long day.

Saturday was the day we planned for our date and to just enjoy our time together. For lunch we went to Blaze Pizza, with being on weight watchers it’s hard not to call up Dominos for a delivery, but Blaze Pizza filled the void I had! After lunch we went to our local ice rink for public ice skating. The last time I had gone skating was with him, 3 years ago.. So it was bound to be interesting, but I love being on the ice so I’ve been itching to go back. Matt use to play hockey so naturally he’s a pro on the ice, plus I just love to watch him skate 😉

Into our ice date my phone starting to ring and the next thing I knew one of my best friends and her husband were next to us! It was a pleasant surprise to turn our date into a double! I had so much fun skating around and trying to stay upright. I usually skate with my pick until my friend told me I was skating weird. So I naturally spent the rest of the hour and a half correcting my skating… So I fell. Like a lot.. Well maybe 7 times at most, but thankfully Matt was always there to help me back up. I’m a little bruised and sore today, but it was beyond worth it. Now guys the amount of children on the ice blew my mind! It was so hard to avoid running into one of them, but I did it! I did not knock out one child. I call that a win in my book!

To end the night we came home to finish the last movie and the carton of ice cream. Now guys I didn’t skip dinner I promise! I did make a chicken Alfredo. I forgot how much energy it took to skate and it made me hungry!

It was beyond an amazing weekend of love and laughter! I hope you all had the same.



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