Welcome to the Blog

Alright readers I need to update you on what’s going on with this guy. Back in November I told you we had parted ways. And for the most part we did. But like a cold in the winter Mr. Rodgers just couldn’t completely go away. He would text me weekly to check in on me.. […]

Mr. Rodgers

A few months ago I was sitting in my parents kitchen talking to my mom. We were talking about how I hated my experiences on Tinder and Bumble. I wanted something more than these men had to offer. I was tired of going on countless dates, engaging in mindless small talk and ending the night […]

Match Me?

Back in October I matched with a guy on Tinder. I broke one of my own rules and months later I was paying for it. I always said if I second guessed the guy I was looking at in the photo or felt unsure of him then I needed to swipe left. Any hesitation I had […]

Spare, Strike, Turkey

Hey Readers, It’s been way too long and for that I am sorry. Some days I find it hard to even find time to do dishes, let alone sit down for a few hours and blog to you. I’ve been trying to hit the gym, work some extra hours and read.. needless to say I […]

Roller Coaster

As I sit here on my couch watching How to be Single I realize the movie wasn’t completely far off. When this movie first came out I was still in my long-term relationship, I couldn’t possibly imagine that was what single life was about. I hadn’t even known single life in my twenties, so to me the […]

How to be Single

Readers there was a date #2, but there were also two other first dates in the same week leading up to my second date with Bowler Dad. I wanted to give each guy I was talking to a chance. I wanted to get to know them and see where it went from there. So let […]

You’re the only Ten I see

Well Reader’s I told you I met someone.. and well I did, but let me back this boat up and tell you all about my “first dates” and there were a few. Let me take you to my first Tinder match that I sort of hit it off with. His name will not be stated […]

First Date Jitters