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February 20, 2018

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Alright readers I need to update you on what’s going on with this guy. Back in November I told you we had parted ways. And for the most part we did. But like a cold in the winter Mr. Rodgers just couldn’t completely go away. He would text me weekly to check in on me.. When I drunk texted him over Thanksgiving I felt like a complete idiot. Telling him how much I missed him and that I wished we had wanted the same things. His response? You didn’t tell me things I hadn’t already known. I wanted a break from this guy. Why? Because he had given me such intense butterflies that I just didn’t want to have hopes for anything again.

A few weeks would pass and he would text me to check in and I vice versa. Towards the beginning of December I asked Mr. Rodgers if we could try this again. Knowing what I knew I wanted to go out again. He agreed, only if we could treat it like a first date.. What the hell that meant I had no idea. Naturally as the day approached I got jitters. We hadn’t made plans to really do anything more like he would come over and we would go from there. So I did my best to look like a hot tamale, naturally. When he arrived I did my best not to kiss him and just gave him a quick hug. I was nervous, but I bit it back to push through the evening. It was a warm night out. One where you didn’t really need a heavy winter coat. I remember because I wanted to sit on my porch swing and just let the breeze kiss my face for a bit. I desperately needed the air knowing what I was going to get myself into. He suggested we go out to a local bar, one I’d never heard of and then hit up a movie.. Of course this being the same pattern as the last few outings no one looked at movie times until we were driving to the bar. He suggested Pitch Perfect 2 and I was beyond elated, butttt the next showing was late and not for two hours. So I suggested The Greatest Showman. When we got to the bar it was loud and unknown to me so my nerves got worse. I hadn’t eaten and didn’t really have the stomach for it, but we ordered a small meal anyway. We both had a beer and just started talking, pretty much picking back up from where we had left off. Him being in an incredibly good mood, when I made mention to it he said that’s right I’ve been sick the last few times we saw each other. I said sir it’s been over two months to boot. He couldn’t believe that much time had passed, so I being me, counted out the weeks for him. I was having fun, it felt like any other time I was with him, just with my butterflies going to full battle in my stomach.

When we got to the movie I had no idea what to expect. I had seen trailers for it, but was unsure if it was going to be any good… Readers if you have not seen it.. GO.. you must GO!!! I was in love with it. I would sit at the edge of my seat in astonishment over this film. I laughed, I cried and it was just amazing. Mr. Rodgers would rub my back here and there throughout the movie, but I was so immersed I hardly noticed.. But readers we did kiss on the way into the movie. It was a cute kiss, innocent and sweet. After the movie we drove around looking at Christmas lights, and just having a lot of fun. I smiled so much my face hurt. He sweetly dropped me back off before I could turn back into a pumpkin. With a goodnight kiss and promises of a second date while he was on vacation.. Readers remember what I told you about empty promises? He was in fact the King of them. He was off for a week and wanted my schedule to try and go out. No matter what it wasn’t worth his time. He couldn’t find or make the time. And in that moment I remembered why I had such a bitter taste in my mouth for someone so sweet. He never put forth the effort, always made me an option and not a priority and just didn’t care. I wanted someone who would try and spend time with me… not think about it and then decide it wasn’t worth the time.

When I brought in the New Year I left Mr. Rodgers and his sweaters behind. He will still text me here and there and I him, but nothing more than small talk. Him picking on me occasionally , and me just being a brat like always. I guess he can’t handle my honesty and the fact he met his match.

It’s okay readers I brought in the New Year with a new guy, someone who squashed my old butterflies and made some new. But you’ll hear about him soon enough.


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