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Meet Sean and Emily! My first 2022 couple and my first couple in the snow in a very long time! Sean and I have known each other since we were 2? Tiny, we were super itty bitty. His mom worked for my dad when I was younger and our families were super close.

Sean & Emily| Mill Creek Park| Boardman, Ohio

Enough about me, time to gush over Tim, Allison & Baxter!! Can we please talk about the cuteness!? They came to visit Wilmington from OH-I-O! I was immediately excited to meet fellow Ohioans! Baxter was super excited too! Except Baxter doesn’t bark, he makes DINOSAUR noises! Like a RAPTOR!

Tim, Allison & Baxter| Carolina Beach, NC at Fort Fisher

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to photograph Val & Dave! Talk about cuties! They were vacationing here in Wilmington and wanted a few photos to capture the fun trip! The sunset completely decided to show off that night!

Val & Dave| Couple Session| Fort Fisher; Wilmington, North Carolina

I knew I had zero plans during the holiday weekend and figured why not take on a session or two to document everyone else? I met Jamie and Daniel on the 4th, yes I am that crazy, at Wrightsville Beach. I was expecting people, but not that many people! It was well after 6:00pm too!

A Sparkling Session

I met them at Fort Fisher during my favorite time of day… GOLDEN HOUR! Now you all know by now I am a sucker for that golden light the sun gives us before she takes her nightly slumber.

Puppy Prints & Sparkling Things

Let’s be real, every day deserves cake, but maybe a little extra cake on our birthday weekend! We were using this session to capture the love of Tina and Cory, but to also set the stage for an exciting announcement.

Tiny Footprints in the Sand