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August 7, 2020

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Good Morning Readers!

I am slowly but surely getting you all caught up with my crazy busy summer. You thought June was bad, wait till July. I think I had 7/8 sessions that month that I still need to show you! Let’s start with July 4th! I don’t know about you guys, but we had neighbors that had been shooting off fireworks well before the 4th. Thankfully they’ve slowed down quite a bit, but when you live in a neighborhood it tends to rile everyone up. Are you ready for my first session of July?

Meet Jamie & Daniel! They were traveling from Huntersville, NC to enjoy the beach over the holiday weekend. I knew I had zero plans during the holiday weekend and figured why not take on a session or two to document everyone else? I met Jamie and Daniel on the 4th, yes I am that crazy, at Wrightsville Beach. I was expecting people, but not that many people! It was well after 6:00pm too. Can you tell I avoid the beach during the holidays at all costs?

Thankfully as people were leaving we were able to move into new locations to get some great shots! My other favorite technique being body blocking, essentially using your clients to cover up the people in the background. The beach had created a little sand bar just a jump over where the shallow parts of the beach had stopped. This sand bar ended up being a life saver! It gave us access to being under the pier a little more, without getting soaked! Granted if you’ve seen me after a session I’m always covered in sand anyway, but hey it could be worse!

We ended the session with SPARKLERS! When Jamie asked me if that was something they could do who was I to tell them no? I mean what better way to celebrate the 4th? Thankfully Daniel remembered a lighter, because that is probably the last thing I will ever remember to pack… Adding to my pack list as we speak.

On the drive home I was able to watch fireworks that everyone in town was firing off, as well as the ones my neighbors were sending out. It was definitely an experiences to be able to see the various ones while coming home! I honestly love living so close to the beach, but I’m hardly there! With working my normal job and then photography I don’t think I’ve stuck my toes in the ocean once this year! We will be fixing this soon, promise!

But enough about me time for pictures!!

Talk soon lovelies!



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