Heidi and Ken, Soon to be Fraser!

July 22, 2020

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Hello Readers!

See I told you I would try to post more frequently, granted the sleepers aren’t even out of my eyes yet and my coffee is still in ground form, but hey it’s progress! I wanted to spam you all with my session at the end of June!

Meet Heidi, Ken and Chuggie! They are getting married in November! For any of you upcoming brides reading this I love to schedule an engagement session before your big day! This gives me the opportunity to meet you face to face as well as your fiancé! I get to show you the fun poses we will do on your wedding day, so come the big day none of the posing is new to you! It also gives me an amazing excuse to meet your furry friends if you do bring them along.

This session was a blast to shoot at Fort Fisher. Chuggie had her moments when she was just done with being in pictures, which hey girl I totally feel that! They were such troopers as the weather had officially hit miserably hot. I mean look at those faces! You would never know we were roasting our bums off.

Lately by the time I get home from my sessions I am covered in sand and just sweaty. I walk straight home and hop in the shower in hopes no sand has made it onto my floor. Am I the only one who forgets what the seasons are like here until they’re upon us? I mean holy heat wave!

Enough about me look at how cute they are!

Have a great day!



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