Sean & Emily| Mill Creek Park| Boardman, Ohio

February 18, 2022

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I know long time no talk! It has been absolutely crazy around here since the Weston Wedding last November. You know Holidays happened, then giant snowstorms and of course the great thaw. Needless to say my weekends have been busy soaking up friend and family time as well as enjoying the much missed snow that fell. I even had to buy a new pair of snow pants so I can help on the farm! We had about 20 inches fall last month here in Hartford, Ohio and it did not disappoint! I woke up one morning to 14 fresh inches laying on the ground and I could not wait to put on all my gear to go play in it. Thankfully my amazon delivery came early (oops) and I had snow pants to wear. My mom and I trekked up to the barn (its uphill) and we’re 5’2″ so imagine us trying to get up covered in snow gear. Needless to say it was an adventure. This week we hit 50s so it has all melted with the rain and brought on flash flooding. The yard and pasture are a muddy mess. I’ll have to share with y’all the gallery I did of the barn when everything was so frozen and just peaceful.. But enough about me, you’re really here to see Sean and Emily!

Meet Sean and Emily! My first 2022 couple and my first couple in the snow in a very long time! Sean and I have known each other since we were 2? Tiny, we were super itty bitty. His mom worked for my dad when I was younger and our families were super close. We all stayed in touch and Sean’s still one of my best friends to this day. A few weeks ago, might be a month now, he met Emily. Emily is amazing for being able to put up with the crazy energy that I know Sean to have. BUT we had such a blast going down to the park. We wanted to do something different and Emily NEEDED to have the covered bridge at Lanterman’s Mill. I mean why not? It is the perfect spot for a snowy, cold Sunday afternoon.

When we first planned our session it was for the Saturday prior, the roads still weren’t super clear from the extra 6 inches of snow we had AND it was 10 degrees. I’m okay with cold, but that was just too cold for anyone to endure. Thankfully the next day we were able to meet in 25 degree weather (heat wave) and have some fun. The one thing I did not know existed in Boardman was apparently otters. They had been spotted at the park a week before so we had our eyes peeled looking for the cuties. Unfortunately we didn’t see any, but that did not stop Sean and Emily filling in for the cuteness. Thankfully there weren’t too many people at the park that day, it allowed us to spread out and completely hog the bridge. Even the sun came out to give us that extra sparkle!

Enough yammering from me! See for yourself 🙂



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