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December 5, 2021

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Happy Sunday Y’all!!

I am so excited to finally share with you Jason & Logan’s wedding day!! I’m sitting in my parents living room with their fire place crackling and Christmas tree glistening as I write this. Serious Holiday vibes going on and I LOVE IT! In November I flew to Wilson, NC with my momma to capture Jason & Logan’s big day. When I met Jason and Logan it was from Jason’s momma’s family photoshoot back in the summer. They had all come to Wilmington, NC to visit and wanted family photos to capture the whole crew. On their way off the beach they asked if I offered wedding services and I excitably said “ABSOLUTELY!” because hello, it’s me. I love a wedding! Fast forward a few months later and Logan and her family are pulling out all the DIY stops to get this train station looking GORGEOUS.

But let me tell you a little more about the bride and groom. Now these retellings are from the great speeches we heard throughout the reception that had everyone laughing. Jason’s momma and Logan’s momma were good friends which led the families to being really close all through childhood and teeangedom. Jason was a little older than Logan and was told he needed to wait to date her until she was older. One of the stories went that on Valentine’s day he tried to send her 100 long stem red roses, but the florist only had 50+. Logan’s porch was covered in flowers that day. She wasn’t super impressed and handed them out to friends and family! Fast forward to 18 year old Logan they start dating.. A year goes by where Jason asks Logan’s momma and daddy for her hand in marriage. Knowing Jason he already had this ring ready in his pocket but wanted to make sure it was okay with her family. He proposed to her in pure Jason fashion.. with fireworks! It was one of the most precious stories I have ever heard.

For their wedding day they wanted to capture the love they had for one another and spending the day with those they were closest to. Logan’s momma, sisters and family worked at putting together the cutest decorations for the reception. I mean can we talk about the floral hanging chandelier over the bridal table? It was Logan’s best friends birthday on her wedding day so of course we needed a little celebration! There was an amazing chick-fil-a platter for everyone to snack on as a birthday surprise while the girls were getting ready. We even did a few impromptu photos in front of the birthday banner.

Logan wanted to make sure she did a first look with her dad and her uncle and needless to say there was not a dry eye in the place. Once we were done crying at the precious first looks Logan’s dad was gifted his recently passed father’s pocket watch. There were a few grandparents who had passed away before the wedding that Logan and Jason wanted to ensure were a part of their big day. Logan’s grandfather had his portrait and jacket on the front pew next to his wife so he could still watch their special day unfold. Jason’s grandfather was in the military in which a flag was walked down the aisle to be placed by his grandmother. The ring bearer was carrying one of Logans’ great grandparents from when they joined the church their wedding was being held.

Now y’all it was already hard not to tear up at these precious momentos of the family, but when Jason saw Logan, tears were ready to flow.. Not a person in that church would tell you that man did not love his soon to be wife to heaven and back. His tears were free flowing and could not get to his wife’s hand fast enough. Throughout the ceremony those in attendance were asked to pray over the couple for their future to come. And then it came to the end where they were able to seal their future with a kiss. Tears were free flowing and tissues were being passed about that afternoon. Once we finished in the church we all headed back to the Train Depot for the fun to begin!

There were charcuterie boxes on each table for everyone to enjoy while we did portraits. Even though it was a chilly overcast November day Logan and Jason were troopers. We wanted to use every inch of that train depot to capture all of it’s beauty and their love. The mayor of Elm City even stopped to say hello! The reception had sandwiches and soup it was the perfect fall pairing. Logan told me her and her family spent the night before the wedding cutting up all the veggies for the reception.

During one of the speeches Logans dad told us he use to joke on her wedding day she would only get Vienna Sausages and icecream cups with wooden spoons. The next thing we knew out came Vienna Sausages for Logan and little ice cream bowls and wooden spoons. You know the ones you use to get from the school cafeteria. It was the cutest! We ended the night with a fun sparkler exit with a decorated truck driving them off into their future!

Needless to say my momma hasn’t done too many weddings with me and she realized after a long wedding day all she wanted was dinner and a milkshake 😂 . I told her not to worry the new peppermint milkshake was at chick-fil-a and we were going to rest in the hotel before our early morning flight. When I say early I mean we had to leave the hotel at 5:30am to get to RDU airport an hour away by 6:30. We were home by 10am in Ohio which wasn’t too bad!

It is now the season where my business winds down a little bit before picking back up after the Holidays. If you need a last minute family shoot or something to put on your walls I have availability for a few upcoming weekends. I hope y’all have a great week


Reception: Elm City Train Depot

Ceremony: Pentecostal Lighthouse Wilson, NC


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