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I am so excited I get to share with you Cole & Jocelyn’s photos from our downtown shoot a few weeks ago! It was such a blast. We wanted to showcase their favorite past time activities in and outside of school. Cole’s being football and Jocelyn being art.

Cole & Jocelyn School Portraits| In Downtown| Wilmington, NC|

I know I know it’s been way too long! Almost a whole month has gone by since I’ve popped in to say “Hello!” There’s a reason for that, it’s name is JULY. No seriously I have had such a full month that all I’ve done is work, eat, sleep and go to sessions!

Hey world it’s me again!

I know I’m blogging way outside of my normal blogging schedule, but I am STRUGGLING. Last Saturday the 11th was my birthday! I turned 27, holy carp has time flown.

It’s my birthday and I’ll stay inside if I want to

As we were walking onto the beach there was a cute little walk way with palm trees hanging over, it felt like a tunnel to paradise.

Senior Sunsets

They visit Wilmington, NC every year for vacation. In that moment I realized how small our world really is, but I was beyond grateful for the opportunity for their session!

Moliterno Family!