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August 20, 2019

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Hey Guys!

So last month I had the pleasure of booking a session with a family from Ohio! I use this app called Thumbtack that allows me to book sessions for those on the fly or have no idea who is in the area for a session. I was at my day job, hello hustle life, and I had an alert saying Nick wanted to see my availability! I was beyond excited and then I looked at the date and realized it was for the next day! Now of course I slightly panicked. I had to mentally prepare for this session, while still doing my normal day off errands. But I had it and I knew this was something I was going to jump all over. Once we set the date and time I found out later that the family is actually from a town I went to college in! They visit Wilmington, NC every year for vacation. In that moment I realized how small our world really is, but I was beyond grateful for the opportunity for their session! We met at Fort Fisher to start our session and ended the night surrounded by boardwalk lights down at Carolina Beach. I definitely had a blast with this family. Just take a look at our session!

I promise I’ll try to blog more regularly,


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