Topsail Island, North Carolina

September 16, 2019

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Buttery skies, the crashing sound of waves as they kiss the shore soft sand as it tickles the bottom of your feet. These were just a few things I felt as soon as I walked out onto the Topsail Island Beach. I live near Carolina Beach in Wilmington, NC. To me it is still a dream I live so close to the ocean and I can get away at a moments notice. But of course living in a beach town you expect and become accustomed to loud noises, children laughing and running around the beach and music playing throughout speakers along blankets. When you get to Topsail you don’t have any of that experience. It’s a quaint beach town where everyone is so welcoming and inviting. When you walk out onto the beach there were not many people there and it just let you completely disconnect from the outside world.

I was fortunate enough that my family chose this location as not only our home for a family trip, but it also allowed me the opportunity to capture the moments of us together. I had so much fun making my parents nuzzle for pictures.. I will totally admit I begged them to get into the water so I could capture the fun I knew they would have. It was so cute to watch my sister and her boyfriend walk down the beach. I was just about laying on the sand trying to get the best shots. Of course when we all got into the water you better believe I got right in there with them! Which is also why if you notice in a few shots the bottom of my dress is wet. I wanted to get everyone else’s photos done, and then my parents offered to take mine and Matt’s. I’m so excited to share the photos with my family and then their Christmas cards for this year.

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