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October 16, 2019

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Hey Guys!

My name is Kaitlyn Emery and I own/operate A Rose’s Touch Photography. For those of you in Wilmington, NC you’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard of me. Well I’m new! Well newish, I’ve been living in Wilmington a little over a year now. I use to live in a small town in Northeastern Ohio called Hartford. No I don’t mean Connecticut, I promise. Hartford is that small town where everyone knows everyone, or most, has one center of it where a school use to sit and has zero stop lights. Hartford is the sense of community and love that I try to bring into my photography sessions. It’s small town, but with small town comes love, friendship and helping out your neighbors.

I’m sure you’re wondering why I moved, and if you’re not I am sure you are now. Like any cutesy romance novel I love to read in my spare time, there was a man. I’ll skip through the cute whirlwindness of it, maybe I’ll even share it with you during our session. Matt was offered a job down here in Wilmington and I was not one to call it quits over a little distance. So once I secured a job down here I moved shortly after he did. And the rest was history… Well a new beginning

Job? Isn’t photography your job? It is, but I needed something that could pay all of my bills and not just some. I dream one day to have this be my one and only job, but until then I have become a fantastic juggler. Now don’t worry my other job does not and will not interfere with your session. Granted I may not respond to your call, email or text right away, but that is normal. I always ask to give me at least 24 hours to craft my amazing response.

So you’ve learned about where I come from, what I do but you haven’t really learned who I am, Now granted there is an about me page that gets a few of the snippets, but the fun thing about a blog is it allows me to truly be me! When you reach out to me I want you to have some idea of who I am already. I believe in building a relationship with my clients, your photos are not something I handle lightly. Photos are something I have always cherished and when you get your gallery I want you to hear the laughter and remember the love in that day. I know we all stress about our outfit, our hair, how the kids or pets look. But here’s the fun part… The wind is going to blow, the kids are going to laugh and jump about and the pets are probably going to be just excited. My promise to you is to capture your family magic, that love you feel in your chest when you sneak a peak throughout your day at them. That is my promise you’ll feel that in your photos looking back.

So let’s figure out who I am… Oh boy I’m not sure I have enough characters left for this… hmm where to start. I guess we could go from outward to inward personality. I am a homegrown, down to earth country girl living in a beach town in Wilmington, NC. When I can I take off to one of the beaches to catch a few salty deep breaths. I love snuggly and cuddly things such as: big fluffy blankets, pillows that suck you in, hot coca and slippers. I am a sucker for a good candle or room oil. In my spare time, trust me it’s fleeting. I will binge read a book, find me on Goodreads! Get sucked into a new series on Netflix/Hulu/Amazon, yes I am subscribed to all 3 I do not have cable. OF COURSE I am subrscribed to Disney +. I am a sucker for Disney, I believe you are never too old for it. Sometimes you can spot me downtown with my friends trying out local food joints or just getting our ice cream fix at Kilwins. I have two dogs and a cat and they are as close to my children as can be. Yes they have their own instragram, I’m not a frequent poster but go sneak a peek at those cute little faces. @AdventuresofBumperandKira. Kira is an Alaskan malamute and the second member of my family. Tiberius Rex is my cat and was my first companion in my 20s, rescued from a lawn mower motor. She was asleep and knew no different of course. Followed up with Bumper my one year old cavapoo who has way too much energy for Matt and I, but we love them all.. Matt will tell you he isn’t a cat fan, but I mean T.Rex how could you not? I think that covers it.. Oh wait!

  • Favorite Color: Blue, but lately I’ve loved the color pink
  • Favorite Food: Pasta, listen I am Italian I don’t discriminate against the various noodles, all being my favorite
  • Favorite Fast Food: So I am not generally a fast food person so probably like Hot heads, its a northern chipotle, but better, and Chik Fil A only because I love nuggets!!
  • Movie: Sweet Home Alabama
  • Season: All of them, each of them bring something new and exciting to the year
  • Holiday: Christmas, I love spoiling people

Okay I think that’s it… Whatever you haven’t learned I am sure you will learn during our times as client and photographer 🙂

Nice to meet you!

Kaitlyn 330-609-9934

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