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October 18, 2019

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Hey Guys!

This weekend was such a whirlwind with sessions! I actually had three over the course of 24 hours. It was so much fun to hustle and capture the amazing shots that I took. Don’t worry I will share some of the galleries, one of them will be incognito until I get the go ahead 🙂

That makes it even more special! On Friday evening I had the pleasure of working with a family to do the photo that will be going on their Christmas card. I know I know it is only October, but hey we are closer to Christmas now than we were a month ago. I of course had all of these Christmas ideas in my head to have the cutest photo…

Yes I am that person. I had garland for the local gazebo and even bought battery operated lights to go on the tree. I wanted to make sure you felt like we were in Christmas just by looking at the photo. I truly felt like a Christmas elf loading up my car with all of the goodies and bags that I was going to use to decorate. I’m pretty sure all of my friends were in protest of the pictures I was sending of the decor, that is until they realized it was a necessity for my job! So ha on them, I got to be an elf and have an excuse to be an early elf.

We chose to have the session at Hugh McRae Park, trying to do something different other than the normal beach session we have around here. I mean can you blame everyone though? The beach is just gorgeous.

When I got to the park I did the prideful hustle. Ladies you know the one I am talking about… The one where you have a million and one bags in your car but you refuse to make multiple trips so you almost loose circulation by carrying all of them on both arms.. Yeap that was me and even a tiny Christmas tree in my arms. More like a 3ft tree, so tiny in retrospect but still only 2ft shorter than me! When I got down to the gazebo at the park I had an amazing relevation…. THE GAZEBO HAD POWER! I think I did a little happy dance when I found this out! What genius thought about putting power in the gazebo?! Whoever he or she was I could have hugged them. I got to plug my little tree in and wrap the lights around my garland.

Once the session was about to start we realized the lighting was not really going to be our friend inside the gazebo, as well as my clients daughters thought it wasn’t completely necessary for a Christmas card to go all Christmas decor.

No biggie! We moved throughout various spots in the park to get the amazing golden hour lighting I’m not sure if you have ever been to Hugh Mcrae Park for those that live in ILM but my goodness she’s just precious. Of course there is a pond with a fountain, but wait there is a bridge that goes over the pond! It’s like it’s from a novel! Can you tell my little heart loves this location? The only thing that makes me nervous are the geese, so that’s a long story, ask me about it sometime and I will tell you.

The session was a blast playing with the different angles and trees, even getting some much needed mom and dad shots.

Now that the gallery is delivered I can post some photos from the Park! Don’t you worry guys those Christmas decorations will be used again! I have big big plans

Take a peek at this precious family!



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