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I am so excited I get to share with you Cole & Jocelyn’s photos from our downtown shoot a few weeks ago! It was such a blast. We wanted to showcase their favorite past time activities in and outside of school. Cole’s being football and Jocelyn being art.

Cole & Jocelyn School Portraits| In Downtown| Wilmington, NC|

The first look with Ali and Zack had everyone in tears when Zack turned around to see Ali. Throughout the entire day I do not believe anyone had a dry eye, myself included! They are just the sweetest, loving couple which you can see in their gallery below. Regardless of what the weather threw our way the day was just precious

The New Mr. & Mrs. Baldwin| Greenfield Lake Park| Wilmington, NC Wedding

I knew capturing her engagement session was going to be a blast! I know you’re thinking how interesting the session would be to pose someone with the same names! I learned quickly if I said my Rae it made a world of a difference. I think the first 5 minutes in we realized saying Rae/Ray can you pose this way was wayyy too confusing.

Wedding Bells are coming to a chapel near you

I know I know it’s been way too long! Almost a whole month has gone by since I’ve popped in to say “Hello!” There’s a reason for that, it’s name is JULY. No seriously I have had such a full month that all I’ve done is work, eat, sleep and go to sessions!

Hey world it’s me again!

Hey All! Holy cow this week has just flown by, unfortunately so has the weekend! Let me fill you in a little bit as to what has been happening here in North Carolina. Last weekend we were told to not have more than 10 people to an area for any type of social gatherings. Restaurants […]

Bronwen & Gary

Hey Readers! Holy canole when did it turn into March? Last I remember I was getting on a plane to go to Disney World! Needless to say it has been a whirlwind last two weeks. I know two weeks is a lot to play catch up in a blog post, so I promise I will […]

When did it turn March?