2018 will be what 2019 had for breakfast

January 14, 2019

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Readers it’s the New Year. Well more specifically it’s 13 days into the New Year. Every year around this time rumor has it some humans like to set really high goals and expectations for themselves. Something that is to be completed within a 365 day window. Now some of these can be small attainable things, such as deep clean the house or something that needs 365 days to complete due to the work that needs to go into it, such as lose x amount of weight. If you haven’t guess we are discussing New Year Resolutions.

They’re something I don’t quite understand. I feel most people, now I say most, so if you’re someone who can’t relate congrats you’re not most people. But, most people set these crazy expectations for themselves and they bust their ass for a few months and then… Life seems to get in the way or they forgot they even set a goal for themselves. As you can guess I don’t have a New Year Resolution. Why? Because I don’t want to wait until the New Year to hold myself accountable for something I want to attain. I want to wake up one morning and say I’m going to lose 10 pounds in 30 days. Here’s the thing, I’m really big on lists.. I mean like HUGE on lists. I have a bullet journal with lists and I have a planner, also with a to-do list. I don’t like when not everything is crossed off, so I bust my ass to ensure the list gets completed and this works for me. Because I can hold myself accountable to such an action and not feel I need to wait for the “New Year, New Me” propaganda. Everyday I challenge myself to make that day better than the day before. I work harder at my job than that previous day and I make sure the next time I hit the gym I’m sweating more and pushing more than I did that previous visit; even if there are weeks in between visits. Because I want to be able to end my day, my shift or my workout knowing I gave all I had for the day, and that tomorrow I’ll give even more.

The “New Year” doesn’t motivate me to make a change. Every day I am motivated to make a change and every day I ensure that there’s a change. It could be something as small as taking the stairs to my desk, on the third floor might I add, or it could be as large as buying a new camera and getting my photography business up and running again. Each day, every day, I am the best version of myself, until the next day, and then I am better. So for those that set New Year Resolutions I hope it works for them, I hope the small percentage that actually holds themselves accountable for the entire year achieves that Resolution. For those that decide this is they year they’re going to workout, I applaud them. Because sometimes people need that “New Year, New Me” push to make a change. And sometimes they just need it to give them the reason to make a change. My 2018 year had so many changes I honestly cannot keep them all straight. So for this year when I have a new goal for myself I’ll put on my Goals list, yep this is actually a list. Because then I can see and commit to the fact it’s something I want. I feel if I write down my Goal or my “Resolution” I hold myself even more accountable because I took the time and energy to write it down and not leave it floating in my head to pop up whenever it feels like it.

Don’t get me wrong I have a lot and I mean A LOT of goals for myself this year. And I can say with certainty they’re goals that will take at least 183 days to complete, but they’re something I want to be able to say I accomplished and say it knowing I worked hard to complete them. So for those that gave themselves a Resolution. I wish you the best of luck and kick ass fulfilling it. I know my 2019 has probably just about the same amount of change as 2018, but this time I’m counting on it.

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