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October 25, 2018

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What is a voice?

Is it the words the come spiraling out of our mouth a mile a minute laced with opinions and tones. Is it the message we are trying to convey within these words? Is it the thick tone we exude when talking to one another? Is a voice only something we can hear or is it something we can read? Can you feel the emotions the author elicits in a tweet, instagram caption or even an article.

The dictionary definition of a voice is; the sound produced in a person’s larynx and uttered through the mouth, as a speech or song.

I can honestly say when I think of someone’s voice I don’t just think of how they are saying their message through their vocal chords but also how they use social media. I think the word voice has become much more than a sound. It is something we associate our own personal brand with. Something we use to convey our ideas, images and ideals.

Our mouths are no longer the simple platform we can use to convey these emotions. Society today rushes to social media to let out their anger, disdain and emotional outbursts when they feel a certain way. Society is so quick to release their emotions on these platforms they don’t stop to think about what their voices are actually doing to those who view it. They are so quick to hide behind their screens and keyboards and attack someone else’s view point but don’t think for a minute how it would effect them if the same words were thrown in their faces. Everyone has an opinion but when they chose to use their voices it’s not necessarily for anything positive.

When you look to social media to follow your favorite blogger, celebrity, guru you see so many people post their voices but are then attacked for the messages they are conveying. How many times have you seen one of these individuals shut off the option for commenting in fear of what may be said, or to elicit damage control after being under fire. Why is it we use our voices but then are so afraid for the backlash we are to receive? Why do we hide from what we have said? How many individuals have we had in the past that have stood up and made a speech, knowing full well what repercussions they will face?

Martin Luther King Jr, Rosa Parks, J.F.K, Obama, Ellen and Oprah. These are just a few people who have stood up for what they believed in, knowing full well would would come of their speeches. If you even look at the latest comedians, Amy Schumer, Iliza Schlesinger, Robin Williams they also incorporated their view points in the stand-up they perform. These are the individuals that take chances on their voice, who are not afraid to use the stages they’ve been given.

When did we get to that point in our society where vocalizing our opinions and ideals has been shamed? Has allowed others to pick apart whatever they hear or see word by word. That find strength behind the screen but not to your face. A voice is no longer something we use to say words but is used to carry meaning and messages. I wish we lived in a world where we were free to use our voices, to share our opinions and viewpoints without someone telling you that you are wrong.

I encourage everyone to find their voices and to find strength in those that surround their stage.

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