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October 1, 2018

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Hey Readers,

I told you I’d keep you posted, that was back in July and it is now almost October 1st! So yea I suck at keeping you updated apparently. Let me give you a month by mont run down and then I’ll follow it up with where this blog is heading, don’t worry the end result is you’ll always be hearing from me, reading from me? Whatever sounds better to you.


So I left you at the beginning of July, let’s start there. My interview went really well, trust me I was panicked and worried and wasn’t sure what was going to happen. I was offered the job, 1 week before I had intended to move if I received the job! So that left me 7 days to finalize the packing, get the rest of my stuff sold and drive to North Carolina. I had a small going away party that weekend, and was in a car on Tuesday with my sister heading South. I was not able to pack up all of my house, so my parents would be moving the rest of it to me at the end of August. Do you know what that means? It means I threw every single article of clothing I owned into a garbage bag and stuffed my car full with  my dog, cat, clothes and the pet essentials. Needless to say it could not have been any fuller. My sister stayed for 24 hours and then I drove her to the airport in Myrtle Beach. I realized after unpacking my stuff my shorts somehow did not make it in the move. Readers I moved to North Carolina, in a beach town, at the beginning of August with no shorts!!! I spent 4 days trying to find a few pairs of shorts that fit my booty and waist that didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. For the record JCPENNEY!! They were a lifesaver coming in with $5 shorts that fit. Trouble was really happy to have me back in the same town as him. As far as living together.. it was definitely new to both of us. I hadn’t really thought much about it, I just knew it was our next step, and apparently he’d never lived with a significant other before, I knew this was about to get interesting. But it’s been going well, I have a list of foods he likes and dislikes so I don’t accidentally poison him at dinner but we always set aside time for each other at the end of the night.


I started my job with Verizon Customer Service, I had 4/5 weeks of classroom training followed with 5/6 weeks of training on the phones. I really like the way the job is forming and how I can help people. It is a nice change of pace from working in the retail channel. My schedule isn’t too bad being from 12-9 sunday and Monday off with Trouble working 11-8 Sunday and Tuesday off. Our Sundays are a lot of fun together. We do grocery shopping and explore the town. We’ve gone to one of the local beaches so far, there are 3,  we’re not fast explorers! Towards the end of the month my parents came to see the apartment and drop off the rest of my stuff. Needless to say Trouble was a little overwhelmed with how much I owned and was not sure it would all fit. Trouble likes the look of minimalism, I like having my stuff. I cook a lot so the majority of it was kitchen stuff and thank goodness our kitchen is massive! I had all of my stuff put away within a week. I knew it was panicking him so the quicker the better. It was fun being able to share my new life with my parents and show them around town when I was off work. I’m really hoping the next time they are in town I’ll be able to take time off and really see them.


So let’s recap the fact that I am from OHIO! Ohio has tornados and really crappy winters, but you know what we don’t have? Hurricanes..let me say that again. Ohioans are not and will never have to worry about a hurricane. That being said when I came here I thought nothing of them. That is until something called Flo was barreling directly at my home. Flo, no not that Flo that comes once a month and just makes you really moody. Florence the hurricane decided to pay the Carolinas a visit at the beginning of the month. I thought nothing of it, that is until everyone in my training class let me know how bad it was getting. Pair that with shopping at my local grocery stores and everyone is out of bread and water. Trouble and I decided we were leaving town due to it suppose to hit my town at a category 4. Our original plan was to head back home and see our families, but it seemed the storm was going to head north with terrible rains, so we went south. Trouble and I went to work that Tuesday until they told us to leave midday for evacuation and we headed south. Our friends were already a few hours ahead of us. We went as far South we could go, to Florida, with a stopover in Georgia. Me, Trouble, the cat, the dog, two suitcases, food and golf clubs. This will now be the second time in one summer my car had been packed up and driven a pretty far distance. We stayed in Florida for a little over a week. Where we went to.. Disney World of course! We all did our best to make the most of our time in Florida. Coming home was absolutely terrifying due to everything being flooded and every time we would try to turn down a road it would be covered in water. Thank goodness Waze exists, we were able to take multiple re routes and get home safely and with gas. Gas stations all over the state were out or quickly running out of gas on our way back in. The really amazing thing about the whole trip was I was able to share my favorite place in the world with Trouble. Ironically enough the last time I had been there I was contemplating moving and thinking how badly I wanted to show him my favorite place. Trouble and I were pretty inseparable for the two weeks within the storm and when work was closed. We never got sick of each other and it went really smoothly. It made me realize I found a damn good partner in life. He calmed me down when I was panicked over the storm and humored my excitement when we got to Disney.

So readers now that you are all caught up on the Readers Digest version of my life here’s something I’m going to say with 100% certainty. This adventure I was terrified to take? I’m glad I did. Honestly the two weeks with Trouble was perfect.

I’ll keep you posted on my life and I’m hoping to have an article weekly, whether or not that happens I can’t make any promises.



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