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March 28, 2018

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The future.. that one thing that is completely unknown to everyone. The one thing that scares everyone. The one uncertainty that not one person doesn’t face. I use to put so much pressure on my future, when my relationship fell through it crippled me. I didn’t know what my future looked like anymore. I had no idea what I was going to do next. I was supposed to get married, move into a house. You know the normal things after marriage. So when the relationship ended I didn’t see a future anymore. But why? I mean the future still existed. It was still there. Every second I was breathing was a second into the future I didn’t know about. So why could I not fathom my future alone? I was terrified. Terrified of trusting people, letting anyone in, fearful I’d get hurt again. The other night I had an epiphany that I can only live for right now. I can not control my future, so why do I keep trying to? I need to live for the now. I need to not put so much pressure on the relationships that I get into. I need to just enjoy the life that I am living. Living for today. My future will come. Eventually I’ll get married and start a family. But for now I need to enjoy being in my 20s and spending time with this new guy.



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