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Are you a new fiancĂ© trying to plan out your perfect wedding day? Or even a fiancĂ© whose getting married like super soon? Don’t panic! I got you.

60 days before your wedding, don’t panic!

The first look with Ali and Zack had everyone in tears when Zack turned around to see Ali. Throughout the entire day I do not believe anyone had a dry eye, myself included! They are just the sweetest, loving couple which you can see in their gallery below. Regardless of what the weather threw our way the day was just precious

The New Mr. & Mrs. Baldwin| Greenfield Lake Park| Wilmington, NC Wedding

Hey Readers! I’m baaacckk! I promise I did not fall off the face of the earth. I just did not realize how busy I made myself from Summer to Winter! I took a look back in my calendar and there wasn’t one weekend where I didn’t have a shoot or a wedding or something going […]

Oh Hey 2021!

I knew capturing her engagement session was going to be a blast! I know you’re thinking how interesting the session would be to pose someone with the same names! I learned quickly if I said my Rae it made a world of a difference. I think the first 5 minutes in we realized saying Rae/Ray can you pose this way was wayyy too confusing.

Wedding Bells are coming to a chapel near you

I apologize for not posting a lot lately, tis the Season for crazy Holiday work hours and not enough sleep. Let me take you back about a month when I told you guys I was taking the limo out with my friends. It was the day I was to get married and my friends made […]

Not So Special Special Day