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Now, if you’re scouting for the perfect backdrop for your own magical moments this year, look no further than Buhl Park. Seriously, this place has it all! From the enchanting French vibes of the Casino to the tranquil riverside stroll, and those rolling hills that seem to dance with the setting sun – it’s a photographer’s dream come true!

Gina & Cody | Engagement Session| Buhl Park|

April 18, 2024

Photography Sessions

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That’s a wrap on Sunflower Mini Fest of 2023!

Sunflower Mini’s in Hartford, Ohio

August 29, 2023

Photography Sessions

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Meet Delaney & Robert! Two teachers who couldn’t wait to get down the aisle. When I started working with Delaney and Robert last year they could not wait for their wedding date to get here! All through the engagement session we talked about how it felt like forever to go, but as a new bride […]

Delaney & Robert | Glass on Enchanted Acres | Dennison, OH

June 29, 2023


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Are you a new fiancé trying to plan out your perfect wedding day? Or even a fiancé whose getting married like super soon? Don’t panic! I got you.

60 days before your wedding, don’t panic!

January 27, 2023

Photography Sessions

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Happy Friday!! I cannot believe Thanksgiving is in less than a week away! I promised I would try to keep you posted on past galleries from this year. Y’all need to see how adorable one of my 2023 couples are! During our initial call Delaney and I bonded over our love of Disney. Robert even […]

Delaney & Robert

November 18, 2022

Photography Sessions

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Kaitlyn specializes in working with energetic and fun-loving couples and families. Her romantic style and instinctive compositions have a remarkable ability to compel viewers to pause, immerse themselves, and truly feel the emotions conveyed in her photographs. With a unique perspective that captures the unseen, Kaitlyn emerges as the preferred photographer for her clients, ensuring their memories are beautifully preserved for a lifetime.

Kaitlyn's boundless enthusiasm makes her your ultimate 'woo girl'."

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Some images are courtesy of LAR Photography from my own wedding or assisted weddings 

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