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October 9, 2017

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Readers there was a date #2, but there were also two other first dates in the same week leading up to my second date with Bowler Dad. I wanted to give each guy I was talking to a chance. I wanted to get to know them and see where it went from there. So let me start off by going through my week of dates and my adventures.

That Wednesday I had an old friend stop into my work to visit me. For his sake we’ll call him Tennessee; where he’s originally from and definitely where he picked his accent up. Here’s the thing about Tennessee, I’ve known him at least five years and I’ve never met him in person. We were introduced through Facebook through one of our mutual friends. We’ve had phone conversations and long nightly talks but never hung out in person. Our friend had tried to get us to date, but we never really got around to it. He fell in love with someone and so did I. We spoke here and there, but didn’t talk as much as we use to. We were happy in our lives and it was sometimes a little difficult to keep in touch. Both of our relationships ended badly and we found out only through Tinder that we were both single again. When we discovered each other we both sent the “what happened” text message. It was a shock to me to see him single and vice versa. When Tennessee texted me saying he was in my area and was stopping in to see me I was a little startled. I’d never met him really, so I wasn’t sure how to react. All I could remember was he had a crazy sexy Tennessee accent. When he came into the store I was with a customer and I looked up and smiled at him letting him know I would be a few more minutes. My manager and coworkers started to laugh at me, because allegedly I was popping out my booty when I was helping the customers to get his attention. I denied it of course, I couldn’t remember what I was doing. They all started giggling at me and pointing out who had come into the store, making a big show of affections. It was bad enough my elderly customers started to giggle and ask what was going on.

When I walked up to Tennessee I felt something stirring. I’m not sure if it was butterflies or if my lady bits were turned on by that drawl… I have a terrible thing for men with accents. We got to talking and he invited me to dinner with him and his roommate. I was intrigued so I figured why the fuck not. I mean you only live once right? He went to get a pint of ice cream at Cold Stone and then texted saying they had decided on Texas Roadhouse and that I was to meet them there once I finished my shift. My other manager was completely confused as to how one minute I was going home to my cat and dog and the next I was leaving for a date. I told him and old friend had stopped in and I managed to get myself into another adventure. He laughed and let me leave a few minutes early.

When I arrived at the restaurant they were waiting for me outside. We all walked in to get a buzzer and wait patiently for a table. We were told there was a twenty minute wait. I led us back outside, because it was way too loud and crowded to talk in the waiting area. I sat on one of the benches and the guys sat across from me. Tennessee kept smiling at me and I kept calling him out on it asking what he was smiling about, but he kept stating not a thing. We talked about our days and what we had been up to as well as the dreaded how great the weather is conversation. Readers you know the one, the one where you’re quickly running out of things to talk about so you start grabbing for straws. So you start talking about how nice it is outside and that you’re glad you’re able to wait outside etc. Tennessee turned to his roommate to talk about how he needed his help on this new house so I started to watch the sunset over the mall. I was a little lost in its vibrancy when I felt our buzzer go off alerting us a table was ready.

At Texas Roadhouse they have their giant booths, which Tennessee picked on me stating he wasn’t sure I’d be able to crawl up into them. He liked to try and poke fun and be a total goof. I stated I could manage and then he sat next to me forcing his roommate to sit across from us. Immediately during dinner Tennessee’s hand had found its way to my leg. He would rub my leg for a  bit or just casually rest it upon my thigh while we carried on dinner conversation. Dinner was fun, I laughed a lot and there wasn’t ever a lull in the conversation. I also chalk that up to his roommate taking over the conversation a few times which helped a lot. They spoke about their jobs and I’d try to learn more about it, but I would get lost in translation. Tennessee and I flirted throughout dinner whereas I would draw little patterns on his leg or he’d try to tickle me etc..  Throughout dinner he kept leaning over to me telling me how beautiful I was and then went as far as to take a picture of me and said he was sending it to his mom. It was a little obnoxious because he kept saying it. Now Readers I cringe when I get a compliment about my appearance. I’m sure it has something to do with past relationships, but anytime I’m told I’m beautiful or cute I deny it almost immediately and try not to outwardly cringe. I knew he was trying to be cute himself but it definitely spooked me a bit. He went as far as texting me at dinner just to tell me. I smiled and thanked him, but felt slightly nervous after that.

At 8 o’clock I mentioned I really needed to get home and let out my pup since she had been locked up since I left for work that morning. His roommate went to their car and he walked me back to mine. Of course Readers this was followed up with a goodnight kiss and a promise to text when I made it home. As far as the kiss went, it wasn’t bad. It was about the same as Bowler Dad’s or even a little bit better.

I climbed back into my car and began my journey home. The only thing I could not get out of my head on this drive were his hands… and no I do not mean how great they felt or something in a Fifty Shades novel. I mean they actually freaked me out a tiny bit, well enough that I couldn’t erase them from my head. He had small pudgy hands and fingers and apparently that’s not something I can get over. It reminded me of the Burger King commercial a bit. I hadn’t paid much attention to them throughout dinner since I could not see under the table, but I noticed when he walked me to my car. I kept pushing it from my mind until I was safe into my car, that way I could start reliving the date and soak it in. The date was fun and I really enjoyed myself. For the next few days though I could not erase his hands from my mind… and I needed to, because I had another date with someone that weekend!

I wasn’t sure if I was going to give Tennessee a second date or not. I know his hands and how they look shouldn’t be a factor, but it was. Ladies you can say all you want how it’s the personality that matters and it is, but would you just ignore his hands every time you were with him? It wasn’t something I was sure I could do.

My date that weekend was with someone who excited me and thrilled me and left me at a loss for words. I was entirely too nervous for this upcoming date and yet I was thrilled to see where life was taking me on this adventure.






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