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October 10, 2017

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Reader’s I had phone sex last night… Phone sex.. Me! I’m completely in shock and aw at this point. I woke up this morning thinking I imagined the entire thing. Now I know you’re wondering whose the guy? Well that’s where it gets interesting. It’s not any of the guys you’ve heard about so far. For his sake lets call him Bear. I met him a week ago through coworkers. He had this tough asshole type exterior that made it really hard to get a read on him. Eventually we found each other on snap and got to talking. We somehow fell down the rabbit hole conversation of cuddling and what we miss the most out of relationships. I miss cuddling and actually talking to someone about my day, he missed cuddling and just being near someone. The conversation actually made me sad, because then all I wanted were cuddles. Not from anyone specific really, just wanted cuddles in general. Someone I could rest my head upon and just be around for a short period of time.

For the last few days he kept asking when I was going to go over so we could cuddle and watch a movie. I kept telling him I wasn’t sure, because he intimidated me with his Bear like exterior. I could tell this wasn’t the answer he wanted, but asked he give me some time to decide what I wanted. Fast forward through the random conversations we’ve had to last night. Last night was like any conversation we generally had. Started talking about our night and what we were doing. I told him how I missed phone calls and he actually called me a few minutes later. It was late.. Like 1:00 AM late. I was thankfully off the next day, but knew he needed to work so we kept the conversation light and short. We talked about our days and places we would travel if we could without the expenses. How if we could be doing anything in the world what would we be doing, if it was free. My response was sitting outside stargazing without the city lights filtering them. His was having our conversation face to face. After a few minutes longer we said our good nights with hopes of sweet dreams… but this is where it gets interesting.

He snapped me a few minutes later telling me he may or may not have had a dream about me the previous night. I told him I wanted to hear more about this dream. He said I may or may not have dreamnt about you, does this turn you on. I refused to answer that question and revoke some of my control over this conversation. I told him some girls love knowing that, but he would never know if I was one of them or not. Bear wasn’t buying this for a second, of course. He wanted to get under my skin. I was told if I told him it turned me on he would tell me about his dreams… Naturally I caved into his demands. I mean who wouldn’t be turned on by the fact that he was dreaming about them. I said yes, I’m incredibly turned on at this point and I was. All day at work while talking to him I was excessively horny. It’s been a few months since my last hookup and I’ve been trying to behave. Bear said he wanted some more details before he could tell me about the dream. Such as if we hung out what our limits would be etc… I said Bear I don’t know what the limits would be, I just go with the flow and see where the night takes me. Apparently not being the answer he wanted he asked what sexy quality I have I think he’d like. I told him I take control. Bear being 100% male wanted a scenario painted.. thus beginning my adventuresome phone call. I gave him a little imagery about sitting on his recliner with him, but I told him if he just called me I’d give him more detail.

He didn’t believe I would, but curiosity won out and he called me anyway. On the phone call I started painting some imagery as to what I’d do to him if I was near him at the moment. Readers I was losing myself in my desire. I didn’t care if I was on the phone with Bear doing this. Out flew the shy girl I was and I just took charge. I’d never done anything like it, but it was something about him that pushed me over the edge. It was a mixture of his confident demeanor and deep voice that had my tits at attention during our first phone call. I asked him the first thing he thought of when he saw me… and it was my ass. How great it looked and how he’d love to bend me over a table. At this point my toes were curling and I was slightly panting. I could feel my lady bits begin to warm and my panties were damp with need. I tried with the role play scenario, but cut short when I didn’t know much about his place to paint an image. I switched it up to what I was doing at that exact moment and how I looked. The answer: disheveled in bed with my hand in my panties trying to curve the burning desire I had going on. This man was unlike any I’d spoken to before. He was sexual, very sexual. Bear was all about wishing he could see what exactly what I was doing and playing along with our imagery. He may or may not have received a few snaps of my itty bitties to give him something to go off of. This man did things to me that I couldn’t understand. Never have I before had the desire for phone sex, nor have I walked around work all day with damp panties from thinking about a man… well at least not recently. At one point he asked what I was doing and my response was trying not to moan into this phone. Bear told me to let go and don’t muzzle myself. So I did. I told him I was writhing around my bed trying to get some type of release. My fingers slowly working their way around my bud so I could let my tidal wave loose. I told him he needed to tell me what he would do to me if he saw me. How he would handle me and treat me. Pinning against a wall with my legs wrapped around him came up quite a bit. I wasn’t sure what he was doing on the other end of the phone and I didn’t care. I needed a release and soon or I was going to lose my mind. By this point our second phone call carried into 3:00 AM. I quickly raked my hands through my wetness trying to even get a tiny tidal wave. I needed his touch; grabbing me and feeling his hot tongue along my body. Bear kept the imagery going and we bantered back and forth on how next time I saw him I couldn’t promise I wouldn’t jump him. He said as much as he hated the phone call to end he needed to sleep; but he had enough ideas for his dreams to carry him into the morning.

As I laid back down to finally catch a few hours of sleep, he snapped me telling me he was so incredibly hard. How his length was pulling against his pants and sleep might be an allusion that night. I told him it’s sad he doesn’t sleep naked, knowing I did and that clothes were too damn constricting at night. He said he had to or he would wake up to a very sticky situation in the morning. I believed what he was saying because I knew what I was currently going to bed with.

Reader’s I’m blown away with this new side of me.. I like her. She takes charge of her sexual desires and just lets life lead her in her adventures. I’m new to this world of dating and sex and just about everything. But my Inner Goddess is all and mighty, and she might even get lucky this week. Who knows where this adventure will lead me..

Don’t worry readers I’ll keep you updated on these new events. Until next time



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