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Hey! My name is Kaitlyn and I am the owner of A Rose’s Touch Photography. I’m sure you’re curious as to who I am and who would be taking your photos. I can certainly understand wanting to know! So here is a little bit about me, and if you want to learn more the link to my blog is above! I am a Northeastern Ohio woman living in a coastal town. I grew up in small town called Hartford, Ohio and have lived there for 25 years. A little over a year ago I moved to Wilmington, North Carolina. This was such an adjustment for me to go from snow once a year to maybe getting a flurry once a season. I currently have a full time job, but that will never hold me back from capturing the happy moments. I am a lover of Italian food, mainly pasta, but of course I would never pass on Italian bread either. Call it my generation if you wish, but I am a tv show binger. I am subscribed to all of the streaming services and on my days off I will try to get caught up on new shows and rewatch old ones. My favorites being: Supernatural, One Tree Hill (Of course it is) and Veronica Mars. If I’m not catching up on shows you might find my nose buried in a book. I am that person who will devour a book in a few days if time allows. I have two dogs and a cat who love to fill in the rest of the time I generally don’t have to spare, but don’t mind sparing it. Yes I am that dog mom who gave them an instagram so feel free to check them out! @AdventuresBumperandKira. I am a bubbly, upbeat woman who loves making friends and meeting new people


So enough about me, there’s plenty of ways to know me, feel free to contact me 🙂

I’m sure you’re also curious as to what my business is even about, let alone why my business name doesn’t have my name in it. A Rose’s Touch Photography has been a part of my life and in this world for a little over six years. I realized I loved capturing the happy moments in everyones life and I wanted to be able to give people something to look back on and have those warm and fuzzy feelings about that time. My business name actually does have my name in it, just not how most do. Rose is my middle name as well as my Grandma’s first name. This has been something I loved sharing with her and wanted to give it it’s own stage to convey the same emotion I had when I thought of her. My style is very much of how my Grandma was. She was a gentle and soft spoken woman who always had photos around her house for others to peek at. When I would go to her house I would be so excited for the sweets I knew that were awaiting me when I walked through her door. I would have that warm fuzzy excited feeling in my tummy. My photography style is soft, romantic and something I want everyone to have the warm and fuzzies when I deliver their gallery to them. I offer various sessions and specialize in the majority of sessions, the only thing I do not offer are wedding packages. I do this because I know a wedding is a lot of time and generally something that needs full attention for a few weeks. I do not have that availability at this time and want to ensure when I am doing weddings you get All of This 🙂

I hope you learned a little of who I am and what I represent, but if not head over to that blog and read what you can. The Kaitlyn’s Way tab is all about my personal life, from dating to moving. I am an open book and write as such so you’ll definitely learn who I am. The Sessions tab will show you some of my most recent projects and how the experience went. Feel free to check me out on Instagram and Facebook for more projects!

Hope to hear from you soon!



Some images are courtesy of LAR Photography from my own wedding or assisted weddings 

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