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Enough about me, time to gush over Tim, Allison & Baxter!! Can we please talk about the cuteness!? They came to visit Wilmington from OH-I-O! I was immediately excited to meet fellow Ohioans! Baxter was super excited too! Except Baxter doesn’t bark, he makes DINOSAUR noises! Like a RAPTOR!

Tim, Allison & Baxter| Carolina Beach, NC at Fort Fisher

The one session I have been dying to show ya’ll is Merralee and Bryce. We had so much fun walking around Fort Fisher and capturing their love. I mean could two people be anymore precious? They were absolute troopers getting up on the stones, because some days the ocean wants to wave hello and occassionally douse your jeans, which it did.

Engagement Session|Fort Fisher|Wilmington, NC|Merralee & Bryce

Hey Readers! I’m baaacckk! I promise I did not fall off the face of the earth. I just did not realize how busy I made myself from Summer to Winter! I took a look back in my calendar and there wasn’t one weekend where I didn’t have a shoot or a wedding or something going […]

Oh Hey 2021!

I am already full for October leaving a few days in November and December. Can you believe that we are already in October? I know I can’t, but my tv will be filled with Hocus Pocus, Haunted Mansion and all things spooky. Not not horror movies, those are tooo spooky!

Family Vacations to remember

July 5th I had the opportunity to capture Christina & Travis alongside their rambunctious family. Remember her maternity session? Well he is now out in the world and posing in the CUTEST outfits for a family session. The outfits were just so perfectly coordinated, it was awesome. We even added two wagging tails to this family mix, because why not?!

Wiggling Tails and Baby Giggles

Yes if you were wondering this is the same baby who was in his momma’s belly back in the January session that I did. Christina and I prepared for a few hours with Bryce, just in case he decided to be a diva or become excessively hung

Smooshy Faces and Tiny Fingers

Hey Readers! North Carolina continued to have abnormally high temperatures into the New Year, so naturally I squished in another session! This time it was with one of my best friends and her daughter, Christina & Emory. Christina and I had been trying to set a date for her maternity session and I figured what […]

Sunsets & Baby Bumps

Hey Guys! So I definitely disappeared for a little over a week. After Christmas my family came to visit, so all social media and blogging came to a halt for a bit. Now that my feet are back on the ground in front of me, I am back to blogging my past sessions! The day […]

Oops I fell behind!

was really hopeful the rain was going to pass by the time we had to meet, but it showed zero mercy that Sunday and just kept on coming.

New Family in Town

To preface that Aisy is the 4 year old girl at my session and also the best second shooter ever! This girl came prepared with not only a smile on her face but her own little digital camera.

A walk in the park